11. What can the skills section of your resume include? Select two answers.

  • Programming skills
  • A history of previous work experiences
  • Your email address 
  • Security frameworks

12. Which of the following statements is suitable to include in the work experience section of a resume? Select two answers.

  • Tasked with handling security challenges
  • Collaborated with a team of six to develop training for more than 25 company employees
  • Security tasks were handled
  • Conducted monthly vulnerability assessments

13. Which of the following sections should be included at the bottom of your resume?

  • Contact information
  • Skill competencies
  • Work experience
  • Education/Certifications

14. Fill in the blank: It is important to make sure there are no _____ errors in your resume before sending it to potential employers.

  • technical
  • location-based
  • cybersecurity
  • grammatical

15. Fill in the blank: _____ is a good way to begin preparing for a job interview.

  • Reviewing the job description
  • Dressing in casual clothing
  • Memorizing your resume
  • Checking the company’s stock price

16. Fill in the blank: Testing your video and audio settings before a video conference interview will help you correct any _____ before the interview.

  • nervousness
  • technical issues
  • Linux programming issues
  • confusion about interview questions

17. Which term describes a friendly relationship in which the people involved understand each other’s ideas and communicate well with each other?

  • Phishing
  • Social networking
  • Rapport
  • Social engineering

18. A potential candidate is interviewing for a security analyst role. The candidate says the following when responding to a scenario-based question: “The outcome led to an increase in total sales over the two months that my manager was out of the office.” Which part of the STAR method does this response demonstrate?

  • Result
  • Situation
  • Action
  • Task

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19. Fill in the blank: A resume might also be referred to as a _____.

  • standard framework
  • curriculum vitae
  • professional reference
  • cover letter

20. Which details should your resume’s summary statement include? Select two answers.

  • Your professional references’ names and email addresses
  • Specific words from the responsibilities section of the job description
  • Your professional title
  • Your strengths and relevant skills

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