deploy and maintain assets power bi assets and capstone project coursera week 5 answers

Self-review: Prepare Sales Excel data

1. Based on your observation of the first 10 records in the dataset, which product generated the highest Net Revenue?

  • ProTile Cutter
  • Power Drill Set

  • Luxury Paint (Blue)

2. True or False: Net Revenue for each product is calculated by subtracting the tax amount from the gross revenue.

  • True
  • False

3. What was your next step after calculating the gross revenue for each product?

  • Ensure the Gross Revenue column reflects the multiplication of the product’s price by the quantity sold.
  • Immediately analyze the trends in the Sales Rep column.
  • Calculate each product’s Total Tax by multiplying the tax per product by the quantity sold.

Self-review: Configure data sources

4. What was the purpose of selecting the Whole Number data type for the OrderID column in the Tailwind Traders Sales data?

  • To convert the OrderID into a textual format for better readability
  • To allow OrderID to have decimal values for more granularity
  • To ensure every OrderID is consistent and avoids any reporting error

5. True or False: When configuring the Purchases dataset, ensuring the Valid percentage is less than 100% in the Column Quality pane indicated no errors or empty cells needed addressing in the ReturnStatus column.

  • True
  • False

6. What purpose did the Python script serve in the exercise?

  • To ensure data consistency and integrity for datasets.
  • To assist in the extraction of specific data elements from datasets.
  • To transform and refine the historical currency exchange data.

Self-review: Design and develop the data model

7. While designing and developing the data model, which tables did you establish a relationship based on One-to-one (1:1) cardinality? Select all that apply.

  • Countries and Exchange Data tables.
  • Purchases and Sales tables.
  • Calendar and Purchases tables.
  • Sales and Countries tables.

8. True or False: The Net Revenue in USD for the order with Order ID 1035 is 300USD, representing the total revenue generated from this order before accounting for any deductions, returns, allowances, and discounts.

  • True
  • False

9. Which cardinality was required for the relationship between the Sales and Countries tables?

  • One to One (1:1)
  • Many to One (1:1)

  • Many to Many

Self-review: Create a Sales report

10. What type of chart did you use to visualize Loyalty Points by Country?

  • Pie chart
  • Clustered bar chart

  • Line chart

11. True or False: The UAE has the highest loyalty points among the listed countries, leading the chart with 151 loyalty points.

  • True
  • False

12. Which of the following metrics did you use to create a Card visual? Select all that apply.

  • Loyalty Points
  • Stock
  • Median Sales
  • Quantity Purchased

Self-review: Configure aggregations using DAX

13. Which DAX function was important for determining the company’s median sales?

  • SUM

14. True or False: When calculating the Yearly ProfitMargin for Tailwind Traders, you derived the margin by dividing the total gross revenue by the net revenue from the Sales in USD table

  • True
  • False

15. Which DAX formula did you use to calculate the Year-to-Date profit?

  • TOTALYTD([Yearly Profit Margin],
  • ‘CalendarTable'[Date])
  • TOTALYTD([Yearly Profit]) ‘CalendarTable'[Date](TOTALYTD([Yearly Profit]))

Self-review: Create a Profit report

16. Which features in Power BI did you utilize to enhance the Profit report's effectiveness? Select all that apply.

  • Data drilling in visuals
  • Detailed labels in donut charts

  • Sorting axis in bar charts

  • Forecasting in Area Charts

17. True or False: The area chart for Yearly Profit Margin over Time in the Tailwind Traders Profit Report was primarily created for forecasting future sales volumes.

  • True
  • False

18. Which visuals did you create to help analyze profit data in the Profit Report? Select all that apply.

  • A column chart for Quantity Sold by Product.
  • A donut chart for Yearly Profit Margin by Country.
  • A bar chart for Net Revenue by Product.
  • A line chart for Median Sales over Time.

Self-review: Create an executive dashboard

19. What was the primary consideration for optimizing the dashboard for mobile accessibility?

  • To allow for real-time communication with the team.
  • To ensure faster loading times for international data access.
  • Ensuring that crucial data is readily available on-the-go.

20. True or False. Based on your observation of the Net Revenue by Product bar chart, the Modular Sofa Set product has the highest Net Revenue.

  • True

  • False

21. When pinning the Profit OverviewCore Visualizations, which chart type represented Yearly Profit by Country?

  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Donut chart

Self-review: Configure alerts and subscriptions

22. What occurs when the Gross Revenue falls below $400?

  • Immediate changes to business strategies are initiated
  • The Gross Revenue data is reset for the next monitoring period.
  • An alert is triggered, indicating a potential financial concern.

  • An automated report is generated detailing the reasons for revenue decline.

23. True or False: The UAE leads the Median Sales Distribution by Country visual with a value of 20.85, indicating its prominence as a key market for sales revenue and suggesting that most sales transactions in the UAE are of high value.

  • True
  • False

24. On which days of the week was the Profit Overview subscription scheduled to support strategic decision-making at Tailwind Traders optimally? Select all that apply.

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

  • Friday
  • Monday

Course quiz: Deploy and maintain Power BI assets

25. A retail chain is planning to open new stores in several regions. Your role is to analyze the chain’s market trends and consumer demographics. In this context, what is the importance of data-driven decision-making?

  • It involves using insights from data to guide strategic decisions.

  • It is mainly focused on enhancing customer satisfaction through personalized services.
  • It is a regulatory requirement in certain industries.

26. In relation to data storage and querying in SQL, which of the following concepts are essential for efficient data management? Select all that apply.

  • Using indexing to assign a unique number to each row in a table.

  • Using normalization to merge data into one large table.
  • Writing SQL queries that consider the database’s syntax and structure.
  • Organizing data into related tables using normalization.

27. You're a data analyst at an e-commerce company creating dynamic reports in Power BI to track website traffic and user behavior. Which features of dynamic reports in Power BI are most useful in this scenario? Select all that apply.

  • Real-time switching between data sources for up-to-date analysis.
  • Deploying collaborative capabilities to reduce the need for IT support.
  • The ability to modify reports using parameters to suit different business scenarios.
  • Creating static reports for regulatory compliance.

28. What are the purposes of personal and shared workspaces in Power BI? Select all that apply.

  • Personal workspaces allow for private work on projects.
  • Shared workspaces provide a platform for team collaboration on data reports.
  • Personal workspaces facilitate the sharing of reports with external stakeholders.
  • Shared workspaces offer a conference room-like environment for data discussion.

29. You've recently been assigned to lead a team of analysts at a fast-growing tech company. Your team is eager to leverage the power of Power BI for their data analysis tasks. However, they are uncertain how to connect Power BI to their company's Microsoft 365 group. Which feature allows you to connect a Microsoft 365 group with a SharePoint document library directly to a Power BI workspace?

  • System storage
  • Azure connection
  • Workspace OneDrive

30. Your team is using Power BI to analyze client data and generate insights. Which tabs in the Power BI service workspace settings must the team use to manage data storage and capacity directly? Select all that apply.

  • System storage tab

  • Azure connection tab
  • Premium tab

  • About tab

31. What are the core functionalities of Power BI workspace apps that enhance user experience and data management? Select all that apply.

  • They can be used to package dashboards, reports, and datasets together.
  • They offer version control to manage content updates.
  • They offer customizable security settings, including row-level security.
  • They can be integrated with external business applications.

32. Over at Adventure Works, your team is interested in defining workspace audiences. What is the primary benefit of defining workspace audiences in Power BI apps?

  • It simplifies the process of data export to external systems.
  • It enables automatic data analysis without user intervention.
  • It allows for personalized content sharing based on the audience’s role or department.

33. What benefit does the Workspace Metrics Preview Feature in Power BI primarily provide?

  • It offers broad insights into workspace and report usage.

  • It offers enhanced security measures for sensitive data.
  • It offers a detailed analysis of specific user interactions.

34. You're a data analyst at a healthcare organization focused on improving patient care. You're asked about dataflows during a discussion with medical practitioners and administrators. In the context of Power BI, what are the functions of dataflows? Select all that apply.

  • They transform and clean data to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • They serve as a visualization tool for understanding final report generation.
  • They are responsible for collecting data from various sources.
  • They load the processed data into datasets after transformation.

35. In your role as the lead data analyst for a cutting-edge tech startup, you're tasked with educating your team about Power BI gateways. During a training session, you delve into the primary function of the on-premises data gateway in Power BI. What is this function?

  • To allow users to share and refresh data across various Microsoft services

  • To provide enhanced security and analytics for individual user data
  • To minimize the costs of data management within a virtual network

36. Adventure Works senior management is eager to unlock the potential of Power BI. They ask you what specific types of Power BI content is eligible for endorsement through promotion or certification. How do you respond?

  • Workspaces and shared dashboards.
  • User-generated insights and custom visuals.
  • Datasets, dataflows, reports, and apps.

37. What are the benefits of a structured development lifecycle in Power BI's Deployment Pipelines? Select all that apply.

  • Increased Deployment Speed
  • Efficiency and Control
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Safety

38. What is the purpose of the Deployment history feature in Power BI Deployment Pipelines?

  • To provide real-time analytics and reduce the size of the datasets.
  • To automate the data deployment process.
  • To keep track of changes and ensure data integrity.

39. You’re explaining the Lineage View feature in Power BI to your team at Adventure Works. During the discussion, a colleague asks “What main benefit does the lineage view primarily provide?” How do you respond?

  • An update mechanism for real-time data streaming.
  • A detailed analysis of data quality for immediate data correction.
  • A visual depiction of relationships between data elements.

40. Which mode must be enabled in Power BI Service to apply query caching?

  • Live Connection mode
  • Import mode

  • DirectQuery mode

41. In what ways does your role as a data analyst contribute to innovation within a business? Select all that apply.

  • By identifying opportunities for automation and process improvement.

  • By leading the development of new, ground-breaking products.
  • By forecasting future sales using predictive analytics.
  • By conducting market basket analysis to inform product placement.

42. What is one of the primary functions of structured query language (SQL) in managing databases?

  • To create and manage the data visualization processes.
  • To facilitate managing and querying structured data in tables.

  • To index unstructured data for quicker access.

43. What role do parameters play in enhancing dynamic reports within Power BI?

  • They standardize reports to comply with fixed reporting standards.
  • They facilitate the automation of report generation without user intervention.
  • They enable the customization of reports according to specific user inputs and conditions.

44. Which of the following features in Power BI service workspace settings help to enhance collaboration and communication among team members? Select all that apply.

  • Azure connection
  • Workspace OneDrive
  • Contact list
  • Premium tab

45. What purpose does the About tab serve in configuring Power BI service workspace settings?

  • It’s used to track workspace usage analytics.
  • It’s used to modify basic workspace information.

  • It’s used to enhance the security of the workspace.

46. You're a senior data analyst at a financial institution, where precision and accuracy are paramount. Why must the performance of the company’s reports be carefully monitored in Power BI?

  • To focus on improving the visual layout of reports.
  • To align with organizational needs and user preferences.

  • To track the historical growth of data storage needs.

47. What is the primary purpose of datasets in Power BI?

  • To serve as the foundation for analysis and report generation.

  • To schedule and manage refresh times only.
  • To act as a data storage facility without analysis.

48. What advantage does a test environment offer in Power BI's Deployment Pipelines?

  • It allows for the validation of reports before production.

  • It is used for the initial creation of Power BI reports.
  • It is where reports are directly deployed to end-users.

49. You advise Adventure Works to use deployment piplines to enhance report management and reliability. Your manager asks “Why is it important to use Power BI Deployment Pipelines when making changes to reports?” How do you respond?

  • To directly edit reports in the production environment, eliminating the need for downtime.
  • To enhance reliability by testing changes before they reach end-users.

  • To increase the speed and delivery of report deployment.

50. Adventure Works has tasked you with protecting sensitive data. What measures can you take to safeguard the company’s sensitive data? Select all that apply.

  • Restrict access to all data regardless of user roles.
  • Define user roles and permissions to control data distribution.
  • Implement authentication and authorization to verify users.
  • Apply row-level security to filter data access based on user roles.

51. What is the appropriate label in Power BI to assign to monthly newsletters covering company events and other internal news?

  • Highly Confidential
  • General
  • Public

52. Which permission type in Power BI signifies the ability to modify datasets?

  • Build
  • Write

  • Read

53. What is the purpose of adjusting External Sharing Settings in the Power BI service?

  • To simplify the process of reports publicly without restrictions.
  • To provide external users with the ability to alter sharing settings.
  • To maintain company security standards while enabling external sharing.

54. You're working closely with the data team at Adventure Works to optimize their data security practices. As part of this effort, you're exploring the advantages of implementing row-level security (RLS) in Power BI. How can RLS benefit the organization's data security strategy? Select all that apply.

  • Increased data processing speed.
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations.

  • Enhanced data visualization.
  • Granular control over data access.

55. Which of the following statements correctly describes the features of Static RLS? Select all that apply.

  • It involves predefined data access rules that remain fixed unless deliberately modified.

  • It requires regular manual adjustments for day-to-day operations.
  • It automatically adjusts access permissions based on user roles and attributes.
  • It is well-suited for roles with consistent data access needs.

56. What are the expected outcomes when static row-level security is properly configured in Power BI? Select all that apply.

  • Other users’ access to data will remain unaffected.
  • A user can only access data specified by their role’s DAX expression.
  • A user will see blank visuals if data is outside their role’s scope.
  • The data model will automatically update to reflect new security settings.

57. What is the primary purpose of the USERPRINCIPALNAME function in Dynamic Row Level Security in Power BI?

  • To manage the roles and permissions of users.
  • To retrieve a user’s email address and filter data.

  • To define user roles within the Power BI environment.

58. How do subscriptions in Power BI enhance team collaboration?

  • By establishing uniformity in information.
  • By enabling real-time editing of reports.
  • By providing individualized report views.

59. How do data alerts in Power BI contribute to proactive problem-solving and decision-making? Select all that apply.

  • By identifying cost-saving opportunities.
  • By providing early warnings about potential issues.
  • By enabling quick intervention before problems escalate.
  • By suggesting specific solutions to data-related problems.

60. What role in Power BI lets users create content and add or remove other users?

  • Contributor
  • Admin
  • Member

61. The Usage metrics report has received updates, introducing new functionalities. Which of the following new features are added? Select all that apply.

  • Report usage across the workspace.
  • Report performance.
  • Number of report views.
  • A list of users accessing the report.

62. True or False: Granting build permissions in Power BI to other users lets them modify the foundational data of your original report to craft new insights.

  • True
  • False

63. Which labels can you apply in Power BI for classifying data? Select all that apply.

  • Public
  • General
  • Personal
  • Internal

64. Adventure Works has assigned you the task of creating reports that generate insights into the load on its manufacturing lines. What is your primary responsibility as a Data Analyst in this scenario?

  • To analyze data and provide actionable insights,

  • To design and test the user interface for data visualization tools,
  • To lead the strategic planning sessions with top management,

65. What is the primary benefit of using dynamic reports in Power BI?

  • To reduce the use of numerical data in reports.
  • To avoid generating multiple static reports for different needs.

  • To enable historical data comparisons without real-time updates.

66. Adventure Works has tasked you with setting up Personal workspaces for the sales team. What is the primary purpose of Personal workspaces in Power BI?

  • To provide a space for testing new reports before sharing.
  • To work on projects privately and maintain control.

  • To allow for individual customization of data visualizations.

67. Your team is exploring the advantages of the Create app feature in Power BI to justify its implementation within the organization. What is the primary benefit of using the Create app feature in Power BI?

  • It offers streamlined sharing and distribution of content.

  • It offers advanced data analysis tools. B:
  • It offers enhanced data entry capabilities.

68. Why is monitoring workspace and report usage in Power BI important? Select all that apply.

  • To reduce the cost of Power BI licenses associated with reporting.
  • To improve the performance and effectiveness of reports and dashboards.

  • To inform the alignment of data solutions with organizational strategies and user needs.
  • To make informed decisions on optimizations and resource allocation.

69. Which roles are key in utilizing the functionalities of Lineage View and Impact Analysis in Power BI? Select all that apply.

  • Admin

  • Viewer
  • External Guest
  • Contributor

70. What is the primary benefit of enabling query caching in Power BI?

  • It allows for the creation of more complex queries.
  • It enhances performance by reducing load times.

  • It increases the number of reports that can be stored.

71. What are the purposes of data sensitivity labels in Power BI? Select all that apply.

  • To provide guidance on responsible data handling.
  • To protect sensitive data when sharing or exporting.
  • To automate report generation and distribution.
  • To categorize data based on its sensitivity level.

72. In the context of Power BI, what does the Read permission specifically allow a user to do?

  • View and understand datasets without altering the content.

  • Construct visuals and reports based on the dataset.
  • Share datasets with other authorized users.

72. What is the primary role of User Licensing when sharing Power BI reports externally?

  • To provide editing rights to external partners.
  • To ensure external partners have the required access for viewing.

  • To track the number of reports shared outside the organization.

73. What is a potential drawback when using dynamic row-level security in Power BI?

  • It increases data storage requirements.
  • It reduces data visualization options.
  • It impacts performance due to real-time filtering

74. What is a key advantage of using Static RLS in Power BI?

  • It provides consistent data access for specific roles.

  • It requires minimal setup and maintenance.
  • It automatically updates data access rules.

75. What is the role of a DAX expression in configuring row-level security?

  • To design and format the report layout.
  • To connect to different data sources to determine privacy configurations.
  • To specify the data access limitations for a role.

76. You're tasked with implementing dynamic row-level security in Power BI to enhance data access control at Adventure Works. You must follow the correct procedure for applying filters using DAX expressions. Which actions are involved in applying a filter using DAX for dynamic row-level security? Select all that apply.

  • Validating the syntax of the DAX expression.

  • Assigning the configured role to a specific user group.
  • Using the USERPRINCIPALNAME function to filter data.
  • Selecting the table to apply a filter.

77. What aspects of work efficiency can Adventure Works improve by using subscriptions? Select all that apply.

  • Fostering a routine in data consumption.

  • Enabling real-time data viewing and editing.
  • Streamlining the report generation process.
  • Reducing the time spent searching for reports.

78. What is the primary purpose of setting up data alerts in Power BI? Select all that apply.

  • To track the progress of long-term business projects.
  • To facilitate rapid decision-making based on data changes.

  • To automate report generation for routine analyses.

79. A team member needs to create and publish content, but they must not be able to add or remove other workspace users. What role should you assign to this user?

  • Viewer
  • Contributor
  • Admin

80. You are working on a Power BI report containing strategies for the upcoming quarter, including campaigns, promotions, and partnerships. Which data sensitivity label is most appropriate for this kind of report?

  • General
  • Restricted
  • Confidential

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