html and css in depth coursera week 2 quiz answers

Knowledge check: Creating layouts

1. Which of the following is not a valid value for the 'display' property?

  • grid 
  • inline-grid 
  • flex
  • box 

2. Which of the following is an absolute unit of measurement in CSS?

  • px
  • vh
  • ch
  • rem

3. Which of the following is a two-dimensional layout model that can be created in CSS?

  • Flex model
  • Box model
  • Floats model 
  • Grid model

4. Which of the following units of measurements are directly associated with the font sizing in CSS? Select all that apply.

  • rem 
  • vw
  • em
  • ch

5. Which of the following properties is not a part of the shorthand 'flex' property?

  • flex-basis
  • flex-shrink
  • flex-grow
  • flex-wrap

6. The box model consists of which of the following properties? Select all that apply.

  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border 
  • Outline

7. The grid items by default will start at the ________ of the grid container.

  • bottom left 
  • top right
  • bottom right 
  • top left

8. Is the following statement true or false? The cross-axis will always be perpendicular to the main axis in a flexbox.

  • True
  • False 

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Knowledge check: CSS selectors

9. While specifying the ideal logical order of the four link-states added as rules in CSS code, what pseudo-class will you add second?

  • Visited
  • Link
  • Hover
  • Active

10. For a given < div> tag and < p> tag, which of the following will be the correct syntax for use of adjacent sibling combinator?

  • div ~ p
  • div > p
  • div p
  • div + p

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