foundations of cybersecurity coursera weekly challenge 4 answers

Test your knowledge: Important cybersecurity tools

1. What tool is designed to capture and analyze data traffic within a network?

  • network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer)
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Google Chronicle
  • Splunk Enterprise

2. Which of the following are examples of SIEM tools? Select two answers.

  • Python
  • Google Chronicle
  • Linux
  • Splunk Enterprise

3. How are logs primarily used by security professionals?

  • Identify vulnerabilities and potential security breaches
  • Collect and analyze data to monitor critical activities in an organization
  • Select which security team members will respond to an incident
  • Research and optimize processing capabilities within a network

4. Fill in the blank: A _____ is a manual that provides details about operational actions.

  • case history
  • directory
  • playbook
  • checklist

Test your knowledge: Core cybersecurity knowledge and skills

5. What do security professionals use to interact with and request information from a database?

  • Confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) triad
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Linux
  • Python

6. What is programming typically used for? Select two answers.

  • Enable open-source operations
  • Create a specific set of instructions for a computer to execute tasks
  • Complete repetitive tasks and processes
  • Record events that occur within an organization’s systems

7. Fill in the blank: Linux is an open-source _____ that can be used to examine logs.

  • operating system
  • database
  • algorithm
  • programming language

8. A playbook is a manual that provides details about how to respond to an incident only after it has occurred.

  • True
  • False

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Weekly challenge 4

9. Which of the following statements correctly describe logs? Select two answers.

  • A business might log each time an employee signs into their computer.
  • A log is used as a formal guide to incident response.
  • Security professionals use logs to visualize data.
  • A log is a record of events that occur within an organization’s systems. 

10. Which of the following tasks can be performed using SIEM tools? Select three answers.

  • Providing alerts for specific types of risks
  • Performing incident analysis
  • Proactively searching for threats
  • Notifying authorities of illegal activity

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