foundations of business intelligence coursera week 2 quiz answers

Test your knowledge: Business intelligence analysts and engineers—the ultimate team players

1. Which business intelligence stakeholder studies and improves an organization's use of computer hardware and software, cloud services, and related technologies?

  • Systems software developers
  • Applications software developer
  • Systems analyst
  • Project sponsor

2. As they work toward completing a project, a business intelligence professional is periodically sharing project deliverables with stakeholders. In this situation, what types of items might they be providing? Select all that apply.

  • Service
  • Mission
  • Outcome
  • Product

3. Effective business intelligence professionals aim to ensure that their work doesn’t create or reinforce bias. What is the term for this principle?

  • Subjectivity
  • Governance
  • Fairness
  • Integrity

Test your knowledge: Near-real-time monitoring

4. What is a single, quantifiable data point that is used to evaluate performance?

  • Index
  • Metric
  • Dimension
  • Target

5. Fill in the blank: A key performance indicator is closely linked to business _____ and used to track progress toward a goal.

  • Processes
  • Strategy
  • Intelligence
  • Speed

6. Leaders at an organization want to make more efficient and impactful business decisions. Therefore, they improve their team’s ability to use hardware and software tools to rapidly analyze data and communicate key insights. What business intelligence concept does this situation describe?

  • Throughput
  • Monitoring
  • Performance
  • Scale

Weekly challenge 2

7. Project sponsors are accountable for a project. What does accountability entail?

  • Being answerable for the project
  • Investing time and resources into the project
  • Sharing events, changes, and milestones about the project
  • Accepting responsibility for the project

8. Fill in the blank: In order to create, execute, test, and troubleshoot _____, developers use programming languages.

  • dashboards
  • data models
  • software applications
  • data visualizations

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. Which of the following statements accurately describe applications and systems software developers? Select all that apply.

  • Applications software developers are likely to be stakeholders on a business intelligence project.
  • Applications software developers design computer or mobile applications for consumers.
  • Systems software developers are likely to be stakeholders on a business intelligence project.
  • Systems software developers create applications and programs for the backend processing systems used in organizations.

10. Systems analysts help organizations achieve their business goals. In what ways do they do this?

  • They create visualizations, dashboards, and reports.
  • They retrieve, organize, and interpret the data.
  • They identify ways to design, implement, and advance information systems.
  • They are involved at the very outset of a project and advocate for its undertaking.

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