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1. You are searching for a website that was published within the last week. When you type in the URL, the site does not appear in Google search results. Why might this be?

  • The website does not have a high enough domain authority.
  • The site is not in Google’s index.
  • You are searching on desktop and must wait for mobile-first indexing.
  • The website needs backlinks to be discovered by Googlebot.

2. Informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional are four categories of what?

  • HTTP responses
  • keyword search intent
  • crawling
  • indexing

3. What data vocabulary is most commonly used when marking up content on a page?


4. You notice a particular product in an e-commerce storefront is no longer indexed, despite no technical issues. What is a likely reason for this?

  • The keyword is too competitive.
  • The product is out of stock.
  • Robots.txt is configured to allow access.
  • No title or meta description tags were provided.

5. A user clicks an internal link resulting in this redirect chain: http: //> > In this example, what is being consumed unnecessarily?

  • redirect allotment
  • domain authority
  • crawl budget
  • velocitv scale

6. What would be most beneficial in helping a site display rich features in Google's search results?

  • Google Result Generator
  • Google Search Console
  • structured data

7. In which scenario is using a 301 redirect preferred over a canonical link?

  • with an on-site search results page
  • when treating uppercase versus lowercase characters in URLS
  • when managing URL parameters
  • when using faceted navigation

8. You are optimizing a large e-commerce website. Which strategy will likely yield the most organic traffic?

  • Optimize your product category pages.
  • Optimize the home page of your website.
  • Optimize each product page with a unique product-specific keyword.
  • Launch a Smart Shopping Campaign in Google Ads.

9. You have been asked to help a big e-commerce brand optimize their website for search engines. They currently have thousands of products listed on their website. What is your most appropriate first step?

  • Conduct a technical audit.
  • Set campaign goals.
  • Determine keyword strategy.
  • Conduct a backlink audit.

10. Which result is most likely if you use an interstitial pop-up that requires a user to take action before you load the content of the page?

  • Both the pop-up and the content of the page will be indexed
  • The pop-up will be indexed instead of the desired body content.
  • An interstitial pop-up is treated the same as a soft 404.
  • The pop-up will be ignored, and the content of the page will be indexed correctly.

11. Which statement is true regarding the use of social signals, such as Linkedln shares, by Google in its ranking algorithm?

  • Social signals provide a benefit only if they have structured data markup.
  • Social signals are identical to backlinks.
  • Google does not use social signals to determine rank.
  • Social signals are used to determine topic authority.

12. What should be as consistent as possible across the web when developing a local SEO strategy?

  • backlinks
  • LRP
  • inbound links
  • NAP

13. A webpage has this tag: Brad's Bagels: How to Bake Bagel. However, the Google search result for this page displays this title: Brad's Bagels: Baking Bagels in the Oven. What is a likely explanation?

  • The title tag was placed within the <HEAD> section of the webpage, but not before the meta content tags, so Google cannot identify the actual title.
  • A breadcrumb navigation is in use, which overrides the title tag supplied in the HTML.
  • Google generated a new title using text on the page that more closely matched the search query.
  • The page is using structured data to define an alternative title object, which allows the search engine to pick a preferable version.

14. You want to block crawlers from accessing your entire website. What robots.txt entry would you use?

15. What is the relationship of click depth to PageRank?

  • The deeper the click depth, the lower the PageRank.
  • PageRank and click depth have no relation.
  • The deeper the click depth, the higher the PageRank.
  • Click depth and PageRank are equal.

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