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microsoft azure linkedin assessment answers

1. Which messaging service enables an event-driven programming model?

  • Event Hub
  • Event Grid
  • Notification Hub
  • Service Bus

2. You are selecting Azure technologies for a new app that will process print jobs in a facility with thousands of printers. A pool of worker processes will send jobs to printer and report results when jobs are complete. Requirements for the solution are: Worker processes will retrieve and process messages as capacity permits; if a worker process or printer fails, a worker process should be able to retrieve message and resume processing; and the solution should maintain a central (server- side) log of messages processed. Which solution should you use?

  • Service Bus
  • Queue Storage
  • Event Hub
  • Event Grid

3. You have a set of SQL databases used with various PaS applications with predictable usage patterns. You are planning to move these databases to Azure SQL and need to choose the right deployment option. Your priorities are minimizing costs, and having the ability to assign CPU and storage resources to individual databases. Which option should you choose?

  • Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Managed Instance
  • SQL on Azure VMs
  • Azure SQL elastic pool

4. Your company hosts a web application that uses Azure SQL Database to store data. You need to implement measures that allow only members of the managers group to see sensitive information. Which two actions should you perform?

  • Implement transparent data encryption and include the managers group.
  • Implement dynamic data masking and include the managers group.
  • Implement dynamic data masking and exclude the managers group.
  • Implement transparent data encryption and exclude the managers group.

5. You have a web app hosted in Azure App Service that reads from and writes data to an Azure SQL Database back-end. You need to send an email alert when your web app returns any failure HTTP status code (anything except HTTP 200) for a user request. Which solution should you use?

  • application maps in Azure Application Insights
  • Profiler in Azure Application Insights
  • availability tests in Azure Application Insights
  • service map in Azure Monitor

6. You are selecting a cloud messaging solution for your multimedia news app. The app routes news items to the appropriate services for processing and delivery to subscribers. Requirements for the solution are as follows: Events should be routed to the appropriate service to process event; events must be routed to multiple services when necessary; and only relevant events should be routed to a service for processing. Which solution should you use?

  • Event Grid
  • Service Bus
  • Event Hub
  • Queue Storage

7. You added a persistent volume claim to your app's YAML manifest. When you attempt to deploy to an existing AKS cluster, there is no persistent volume available. What should you do?

  • Add a data disk definition for the AKS cluster to your app’s YAML manifest.
  • Add a data disk to each Kubernetes cluster node and reattempt app deployment.
  • Provision an Azure Files instance and reattempt app deployment.
  • Do nothing. The API server will provision additional storage automatically.

8. You need create an application in Azure Active Directory representing the Kineteco Web App so you can assign directory permissions to the app. To create the application identity, which command will you run?

9. You want to configure the AKS instance running the Kineteco Inventory App to use Azure Active Directory (AD) for user authentication. To integrate with AKS with Azure AD, which steps should you perform first?

  • Create a service principal in Azure AD. Then add users to the AKS security group.
  • Add users to an Azure AD security group. Then assign the group permissions to AKS.
  • Create a service principal in Azure AD. Then assign the service principal to AKS.
  • Create an App ID in Azure AD. Then create a service principal for the server app

10. You need to update the data within an existing database in Azure SQL with your changes. You want to test this process from your development workstation before incorporating the update into your C/CD process. Which command will you run to update the schema on the target database?

11. You are deploying three Azure VMs with an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. Which ARM function implements the iteration loop to provision the right number of VMs?

  • max()
  • copyIndex()
  • createArray()
  • indexof()

12. In Azure Key Vault, you can manage access to your application secrets by setting permissions at any level except _____ .

  • on the secret itself
  • at the Azure Subscription level
  • on the Key Vault instance
  • by secret type

13. You have created an Azure CLI script for a release pipeline in Azure DevOps. You need to reference the working directory for the running job. Which variable should you reference?

  • Agent.WorkFolder
  • Agent.HomeDirectory
  • Agent. ToolsDirectory
  • Agent.BuildDirectory

14. You are implementing an application to manage automated warehouse operations for a global retailer. You need to design an enrollment process for loT devices for production use. Solution requirements are as follows: Register loT devices in bulk; encrypt all communication between devices and the Azure loT cloud service; and implement Microsoft recommendations for device security. Which option should you choose?

  • managed service identity (per device)
  • managed service identity (shared)
  • X.509 certificate
  • SAS key

15. Your corporate web application is hosted in Azure regional data centers around the world. You need to route user requests to the closest service endpoint based on response latency. Which routing method should you use?

  • API Management
  • Traffic Manager
  • Application Gateway
  • Front Door

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