You are currently viewing adobe lightroom linkedin quiz answers
adobe lightroom linkedin quiz answers

adobe lightroom linkedin quiz answers

1. If you want to customize the order of the Develop panel, how should you proceed?

  • Open the General preferences
  • Right-click a module and choose Customize Develop Panel.
  • Drag the images into a new order within the Develop panel.
  • Open the Interface preferences.

2. Which format can be used when using an external image editor to work with a raw file?

  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • PSB
  • GIF

3. Which color space is most compatible for internet delivery?

  • Adobe RGB
  • Display P3
  • ProPhoto RGB
  • sRGB

4. Which masking methods are available with the Range Mask command? (Choose 3 items.)
A. Luminance
B. Color
C. Depth
D. Saturation
E. Tolerance

  • B, C, D
  • A, B, D
  • B, C, E
  • A, B, C

5. In this black-and-white image, which option has probably been turned on?

  • Visualize Spots
  • Highlight Clipping
  • Sharpening Mask
  • Clipping Indicators

6. What is the icon circled in yellow?

  • Missing photo
  • Virtual copy
  • Metadata conflict warning
  • Synced with Lightroom

7. Which view is most useful for refining a selection of several images?

  • Loupe view
  • Compare view
  • Survey view
  • Grid view

8. Which criteria CANNOT be used with a smart collection?

  • Camera Serial Number
  • Export Date
  • Capture Date
  • Rating

9. What is backed up when you create a backup of your library catalog? (Choose 3 items.)
A. the image files
B. the adjustments made
C. JPEG exports
D. the keywords
E. the image metadata

  • C, D, E
  • B, D, E
  • A, C, E
  • A, B, E

10. How many catalogs can you sync with Lightroom mobile?

  • one
  • three
  • unlimited
  • The exact number depends on your Creative Cloud subscription.

11. In the image below, which adjustment would best solve the problem with unwanted details?

  • A
  • C
  • B
  • D

12. Which sorting order is NOT available when using a smart collection?

  • Capture Time
  • Added Order
  • Custom
  • Edit Time

13. Which key would you press to add images to a targeted Quick Collection?

  • B
  • C
  • Q
  • P

14. Which Spot Healing Brush mode blends an imperfection with an exact copy of pixels from another area?

  • Healing mode
  • Patch mode
  • Clone mode
  • Screen mode

15. Which export options are available when working in the Book module? (Choose 3 items.)
A. Printing
B. Export to Blurb

  • B, C, E
  • B, C, D
  • A, C, E
  • A, B, C

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