fundamentals of social media advertising coursera week 4 quiz answers

First Steps of Advertising on Facebook Practice Quiz

1. Which of the following are details you can set when defining your audience on Facebook Ads Manager?

  • Age
  • Location
  • Specific Interests
  • All of the above

2. Which of the following are steps in creating an ad campaign on Facebook Ads Manager? (Choose all that apply)

  • Choose an objective
  • Cross post your ad on Twitter
  • Set a budget and campaign duration
  • Set your target audience

3. Let’s say you just totally redesigned your business’s website and it works better than ever. You want to get more people to see the update that your website just got.

Which Facebook Ads Manager objective should you choose for your campaign?

  • Promote Your Page
  • Get More Website Visitors
  • Get More Website Purchases
  • Promote Your Business Locally

4. Let’s say you just started a company that specializes in creating specialty jewelry. You put up a business page on Facebook and are hoping people will view it and start connecting with you there. Which Facebook Ads Manager objective should you choose?

  • Promote Your Page
  • Get More Website Purchases
  • Get More Leads
  • Get More Website Visitors Us

Getting Started with Advertising on Facebook and Instagram Quiz

5. Let’s say you have a catering business that you’re promoting an Instagram post for. There are too many tiered catering options for you to list on Instagram, so you need to direct customers to a separate page. Your promoted post should direct them towards:

  • Your Website
  • Your Profile
  • Your Direct Messages

6. Let’s say you’re advertising a new video game on Instagram. You want your ads to be seen by people with similar interests as your current followers, but limit the age range to people under 35. Which advertising targeting option should you use?

  • Automatic targeting
  • Create Your Own Audience

7. True or false? A good Instagram Story ad typically consists of one long scene rather than multiple short scenes.

  • True
  • False

8. Which of the following statements are true about Instagram Stories Ads? (Select all that apply)

  • Stories ads appear between Instagram posts in your feed.
  • Stories have an intimate and personal feel that allows people to be more immersed and in the moment.
  • Stories on Instagram give you an immersive, full-screen vertical format to bring your business to life.
  • Instagram Stories Ads disappear after 24 hours.

9. True or False: Facebook Ads Manager allows you to set an ad duration and a budget for your campaign.

  • True
  • False

10. Let’s say you own an online specialty kitchenwares store. You want to get more people to sign up for your new newsletter that gives cooking techniques and highlights new products. Which Facebook Ads Manager objective should you choose for your campaign?

  • Get More Leads
  • Promote Your Page
  • Boost a Post
  • Promote Your Business Locally

11. True or false? When creating an ad on Facebook, you can target specific demographics, interests or behaviors.

  • False
  • True

12. Which Facebook campaign objective should be selected to generate sales on a website or app?

  • Traffic
  • Reach
  • Conversions
  • Brand Awareness

13. What action would a business want its customers to take if it selects “Get More Website Purchases” as its campaign objective when creating an ad on Facebook?

  • Make a purchase
  • Install an app
  • Like a post
  • View a video

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