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microsoft outlook linkedin quiz answers

1. You are working in Outlook and need to share a contacts folder with Abby, Baldur, and Javier. You assign Javier permissions so he can create, edit, and delete his own items and those created by others. Abby and Baldur need to view all items, add contacts, and edit the contacts they create, so you grant them permissions.

  • Owner; Author
  • Editor; Author
  • Author; Reviewer
  • Editor; Reviewer

2. In Outlook's calendar, what is the kev difference between an appointment and a meeting?

  • A meeting has specific start and end times
  • An appointment can be all day, while a meeting has a specific start and end time.
  • An appointment is automatically marked as busy while a meeting is marked as tentative.
  • A meeting includes other invitees or attendees.

3. What allows Outlook to automatically flag, forward, move, tag, and respond to email messages?

  • Quick Parts
  • Categorize
  • Quick Steps
  • Rules

4. When you @mention a colleague in an email message, what does not happen?

  • Your colleague’s name is highlighted in the message.
  • The colleague is automatically added to the To line.
  • @ appears next to the email in your Sent Items folder (Windows) or Sent folder (Mac).
  • @ appears next to the colleaque’s name in the body of the email in your colleague’s Inbox.

5. When creating color categories for conversations, each category must have a unique _____ .

  • folder
  • name
  • name and color
  • color

6. For efficiency, how should you save a search that you run frequently?

  • as a search folder (Windows) or Smart Folder (Mac)
  • by typing the search term in the Search box, right-clicking, and selecting Add to Favorites
  • as a column
  • as a criteria set

7. What permission level allows your delegates to read, create, change, and delete items that they created, but not items that you created?

  • Editor
  • Reader
  • Reviewer
  • Author

8. When you back up or export your contacts directly from Outlook without using additional applications, what type of file will you export?

  • XLSX (Windows) or XLSM (Mac)
  • TXT
  • CSV (Windows) or OLM (Mac)
  • DOCX (Windows) or DOCM (Mac)

9. Outlook autocompletes email addresses you have used previouslv, including addresses that you mistyped. How can you remove an incorrect autocomplete suggestion?

  • Close Outlook, reboot your computer, and restart Outlook
  • Retype the email address. Entering it a second time will automatically eliminate the misspelled address.
  • Delete the corresponding contact.
  • Wait until the suggestion appears again, then highlight it and press the Delete key.

10. You have sent several message to a customer and have not received a response. Which option can you use to determine if the message was successfully transmitted to the customer?

  • out of office
  • read receipt
  • delivery receipt
  • tracking

11. While using Focused Inbox, you notice that Outlook sometimes puts important messages from a specific customer on the Other tab. How do you fix this for all future messages?

  • Locate that customer in the People page and select the Focused check box.
  • Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) a message that was incorrectly organized and select Prioritize.
  • On the People page, open the customer’s contact card and assign a Color Category.
  • Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) a message that was incorrectly organized and select Always Move to Focused.

12. How can you quickly locate emails with large attachments?

  • Sort the messages by Has: Attachments and then by size.
  • Sort the messages by Has: Attachments and then filter by Is:Large.
  • Sort the messages by size and then filter by Has: Attachments
  • Sort the messages by sender.

13. What arrangement can you create in View Settings (Windows) or Rules (Mac) to color code messages from a particular sender?

  • Conditional Formatting (Windows), or Rules then Categorize or Set Category (Mac)
  • By Sender
  • Format Columns (Windows), or Rules then Format Columns (Mac)
  • Group by (Windows), or Rules then Group by (Mac)

14. What happens when you add an additional email account in Outlook?

  • Outlook prompts you for the transmission protocol you would like to use.
  • Outlook prompts you to remove an existing account first.
  • Outlook automatically applies the default configurations.
  • Outlook stops you because you can use only one email account at a time.

15. What is the default permission level that other people in your organization have to your calendar?

  • They can edit.
  • They can view free/busy details only.
  • They can view all details.
  • They can view titles and locations.

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