advertising with meta coursera week 3 quiz answers

Creating an Audience in Ads Manager Practice Quiz

1. Why is targeting your audience important? (Choose all that apply)

  • Find potential customers based on characteristics and behaviors who may be interested in your products or services
  • It guarantees you future sales
  • Better optimize your ad spend, time, and resources
  • Better match your customers and your products

2. What are the types of audiences you can create in Ads Manager?

  • Page Followers, Website Visitors, and App Users
  • Core Audience, Page Followers, and Engagement
  • Core Audience, Custom Audience, and Lookalike Audience
  • Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

3. What criteria categories can you adjust when you create a Core Audience?

  • Location, Age, Gender, Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors
  • Demographics, Interests, and Behaviors
  • Location, Age, Gender, Network, Friends, and Other
  • Time Zone, Zip Code, Demographics, and Behaviors

4. Which of the following events can the Facebook pixel track?

  • Placing an item in a shopping cart
  • Submitting an online form
  • Visiting a specific webpage
  • All of the above

5. Which of the following are ways to create a Custom Audience? (Choose all that apply)

  • Use data based on a person’s browsing history
  • Use data from Facebook’s SDK installed on your app
  • Upload a customer list
  • Use data based on Facebook information, such as people who watch a specific video or people who have interacted with your Instagram profile

6. Which Custom Audience is better?

  • Typically a smaller, more specific audience is the best
  • Typically a bigger audience from one location is best
  • Typically a smaller, really broad audience is best
  • Typically a bigger, really broad audience is best

7. If a business wants to retarget customers who previously purchased an item from its website, what audience type should it use?

  • Page followers
  • Behaviors
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Custom Audience

Select Your Audience, Placements and Schedule Quiz

8. The three audience types you can create in Ads Manager are Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and _____________?

  • Core Audiences
  • Creative Audiences
  • Personalized Audiences
  • Tailored Audiences

9. An apparel company known for its line of t-shirts and hoodies is trying to boost an accessories line it launched last year, but they can't seem to get it to pick up.

They know they have sales, and they know they have visitors to the product page, but they can't connect the two. Retargeting their core audience doesn't seem to be working.

Why would installing the Facebook Pixel be a good idea?

  • The Pixel will manage and schedule their social media content, so they can have a better strategy for targeting their audience
  • The Pixel is like Google Analytics, so it’ll provide web metrics content
  • The Pixel will allow them to track events customers take — like website visits, start purchases, and completed purchases — so that they can create custom audiences and target audiences for their new product line
  • The Pixel will start collecting names and purchasing history to create a database for them

10. A local bookstore has been in a town for thirty years, owned by one family. The daughter is now taking over the business. She has plans to upgrade the store’s website and create a social media presence for it.

They already have a massive list of customers stored in their internal database from sales tracking and newsletter signups.

How could they easily begin targeting their audience online using Ads Manager?

  • Email each person individually with a link to the bookstore’s social media profiles, asking if they’ll follow
  • Upload all that customer data to create a Custom Audiences to begin targeting their audience online
  • Start from scratch on Ads Manager by creating a Core Audience
  • Ask customers in the store if they like to buy books online, and note their names for future reference

11. A commercial baking supply company can't seem to crack the code on their marketing. You’ve been brought in to help, and wonder if the fact that bakers work overnight is playing a factor in this.

You find that Insights tells you that your target audience is on Facebook mostly late evening/early morning, while ads were scheduled during the afternoon/peak hours. Why is this good to know?

  • It shows that there’s a connection between when the audience is online and ad placement
  • It shows that there’s a connection between what your audience clicks on and when you schedule ads
  • It shows that ads scheduled during the afternoon/peak hours work best
  • It shows that you need to be aware of when your audience is online in order to schedule ads accordingly

12. It shows that you need to be aware of when your audience is online in order to schedule ads accordingly

  • Set their ad placements to Desktop only
  • Set their ad placements to Mobile only
  • Set their ad placements to Messenger only
  • Set their ad placements to Audience Network only

13. You've taken over ads management for a business who hasn't been finding success in their advertising. When you look at their Insights, you see that their audience is usually online on the weekends. Yet when looking at the budget, you see that they chose Daily Budget.

In this situation is Daily Budget the best setting for their budget?

  • Daily Budget and scheduling have no correlation
  • No, the Daily Budget will spend a certain amount daily, whether your audience is on or not — which means they are spending money on ads that run during the week and aren’t reaching the target audience
  • Yes. The Daily Budget will adjust to spending nothing on days your audience isn’t online
  • Yes, it’s best to get ads out every day, whether the audience is online or not

14. You’ve recently stepped in to run ads for an e-commerce business. They've run multiple ad campaigns, but saw a lot lower actions taken than they thought they would see.

You investigate their Core Audience settings, and find the location set to three neighborhoods in San Francisco, the age set to 25-30, and just one detailed targeting criteria. What does this tell you?

  • They set their audience up too broadly, so their Audience Size was too big, and didn’t get them the right audience they needed
  • They set their audience up too narrowly, so their Audience Size was too small, and didn’t get them the reach they needed
  • They set their audience up too narrowly, but that’s okay – they can just keep trying
  • Their Core Audience looks fine, and you’re not sure why there’s a problem

15. A quick service restaurant client is launching a new delivery service and wants to build awareness of the service to a large number of people. The client wants to launch a campaign that reaches people ages 18-34 who are interested in food and dining. The client has two creatives: a ThruPlay video and a 6-second video.

Which objective and placements should the client use?

  • Lead Generation objective on Facebook feed and Instagram Stories
  • Traffic objective on Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Facebook feed
  • Reach objective on Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Facebook feed
  • App Installs objective on Facebook feed and Instagram feed

16. Which example below best fits the concept of a "target audience"?

  • A Millennial city-dweller who loves fitness seeing an ad for a new treadmill gym opening in their neighborhood
  • A marathon runner seeing ads for junk food
  • An arts-and-culture leader in the community seeing ads for college sports
  • An artist in the Southwest seeing an ad for an art supply sale from a brick-and-mortar store in the Northeast

17. A movie theater just opened in New York City. They show classic, foreign, and art-house films, and do theme weeks, film festivals, and actively promote local filmmakers, bringing them in for discussions of their films.

You're creating a Core Audience for them. What criteria would you probably choose?

  • Location: New York City

  • Age: 30-60

  • Gender: All

  • Detailed Targeting: Filmmaking, Art Film, Movies, Short Films, Documentaries

  • Location: Metro New York City Area

  • Age: 40-60

  • Gender: Men

  • Detailed Targeting: Movies, Road Movies, Motorsports, Auto Racing

  • Location: Northeast USA

  • Age: 18-30

  • Gender: All

  • Detailed Targeting: Movies, Action Movies, Console Gamers, Gaming, RPG

  • Location: New York State

  • Age: 30-40

  • Gender: Women

  • Detailed Targeting: Visual arts, performing arts, art film, museums, galleries

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