data visualization and dashboards with excel and cognos coursera week 2 quiz answers

Practice Quiz

1. What are scatter charts commonly used for?

  • To display distribution of data grouped into bins
  • To compare statistical, scientific, and engineering data values
  • To compare sales, and inventory data values
  • To compare values across hierarchy levels

2. When you are creating a sparklines visualization, which two methods can you use to specify where the sparklines should appear on a worksheet? (Select two answers)

  • Right-click the intended cell location, and select Paste.
  • Highlight the column, then right-click the intended cell location, and select Insert.
  • Enter the cell reference in the Location Range box.
  • On the worksheet select a cell and Excel will add the cell reference to the Location Range box for you.

3. What's one data type intended for waterfall charts?

  • Progressively decreasing proportions
  • Financial data
  • Non-comparable categories
  • Stock performance data

Graded Quiz

4. What do treemaps use to represent hierarchical data categories?

  • Treemaps use data points on a line.
  • Treemaps use different shapes.
  • Treemaps use interconnected circles.
  • Treemaps use color, size, and closeness of shapes.

5. Histograms can look like a bar chart, what’s the key difference?

  • Histograms use bins.
  • Bar charts compare data and histograms display the distribution of data.
  • Histograms use Axis Options to display different bin sizes.
  • Bar charts use horizontal bars.

6. What kind of data works best with filled map charts?

  • Raw data
  • Scientific data
  • Data containing geographical regions
  • Complicated data

7. What are sparklines typically used for?

  • To show regional information.
  • To show data trends.
  • To contrast numerical values.
  • To highlight a data range.

Practice Quiz

8. Which of the following applications would be considered an advanced data analysis and visualization application? (Select all that apply)

  • Cognos Analytics
  • Bokeh (in Python)
  • Excel (Full Desktop version)
  • Tableau
  • Google Sheets

9. According to the ‘Creating a Simple Dashboard using Excel’ video, which of the following should you have already done prior to creating a dashboard? (Select all that apply)

  • Verified data is clean and error free.
  • Created a data analysis findings report.
  • Formatted the data as a table.
  • Created pivot tables to help analyze data.

Graded Quiz

10. Which of the following, do dashboards provide in a data analysis application? (Select all that apply)

  • A static data-findings report for your business data.
  • A consolidated view of business data.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • A controllable self-service business intelligence (BI) interface.

11. According to the ‘Creating a Simple Dashboard using Excel’ video, what did subject matter experts advise when building dashboards?

  • Use numbers as much as possible to help focus users on your key points.
  • Displaying too much information means your key points can get lost.
  • Bright colors highlight key points.
  • Having as many visualizations as possible can help you clearly define your key points.

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