unity and c# basics coursera week 2 quiz answers

Introduction to assets and player control in Unity quiz

1. In Unity, which of these items could be considered an asset?

  • A line of script
  • A three-dimensional model of a character
  • A folder in Unity
  • A Vector3 motion

2. Which statement best describes player control?

  • The player will be given the ability to choose different assets.
  • The player can choose different audio for background music.
  • The player has the ability to interact with an object in your game or app.
  • All of the above

3. Three-dimensional model files, image files, audio files and plug-ins are all examples of what?

  • Media
  • Assets
  • Components
  • File types

4. Which concepts of code are you most familiar with? Which are you most excited to learn about?

variables, loops, conditionals, functions, classes, and more

5. Which asset types (such as 3D models, images, audio files and native assets) are you most comfortable using? Are there any that you look forward to using in future projects? Why?

3D models, images, and audio files are commonly used assets in Unity projects

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6. What do you use to add functionality to GameObjects in your scene?

  • Multiple player views
  • UI
  • Components
  • Textures

7. Which of the following would be the best way to name a script?

  • ObjectController
  • object controller
  • Object_Controller
  • object_controller_

8. Which programming language does Unity use?

Unity primarily uses C# (C Sharp) as its programming language.

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. Which symbol on your keyboard means “multiply?”

  • *
  • X
  • #
  • ^


10. Which step in adding physics to your car was most difficult and why?

Adding physics to a car may include configuring realistic movement and collisions, balancing forces and torques, implementing suspension and wheel physics, and tuning the vehicle’s behavior.

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