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wordpress linkedin assessment answers

1. In which of the following ways might you contribute to the WordPress community by testing?

  • user testing
  • beta testing
  • all of these answers
  • automated testing

2. WordPress is translated, at least partially, in more than 200 locales. If you wanted to help translate WordPress into other languages, which contributor group would you join?

  • documentation
  • accessibility
  • core
  • polyglots

3. Which of these does not impact your site speed?

  • caching
  • inactive plugins
  • content delivery network (CDN)
  • your web host

4. If you wanted to register a custom post type, which hook would you use?

  • register post type
  • wp_head
  • add_meta_box
  • init

5. What technique would you use to secure data before rendering it to a user?

  • validate and escape
  • validate and sanitize
  • escape and sanitize
  • escape and secure

6. Within the editor, blocks are rendered as JavaScript. How are blocks rendered on the front end of a site?

  • as a React component
  • as plain HTML
  • as HTML comments
  • as JavaScript comments

7. Review the HTML on line 1. The goal of the PHP on line 2 is to extract the field value and assign it to a variable prior to inserting into the database. What is wrong with this PHP code?

8. Which of these is not a part of the internationalization and localization process?

  • installing/using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin
  • using a gettext function to wrap translatable strings when writing code
  • translators translating the POT file into a PO file, one for each language
  • using a tool like Poedit to parse source code and extract translatable strings into a POT file

9. You can harden your WordPress site security by adding _____ to your wp-config. php file?

  • custom action hooks and filters
  • unique keys and salts
  • database usernames and passwords
  • hashes and reCAPTCHA

10. Which WP-CLI command would you use to manage the capabilities of a user role?

  • wp admin
  • wp manage
  • wp cap
  • wp role

11. What can you not configure via wp-config.php?

  • changing the default user role
  • changing the default wp table prefix
  • changing your site or WordPress address
  • changing the default number of post revisions

12. How would you use CSS to ensure your theme was mobile responsive?

  • Use CSS grid to create responsive layouts
  • all of these answers
  • Use media queries to add breakpoints for different screen sizes.
  • Use Flexbox to create flexible page layouts.

13. Which folder in a WordPress install is not affected by an automatic WordPress update?

  • /wp-content
  • /wp-includes
  • /wp-admin
  • root

14. What is the process of marking the code you write so that it is ready for translation?

  • localization
  • internationalization
  • using GlotPress
  • translation

15. If your WordPress site is seriously compromised, what is the best course of action to return your site to good health?

  • Hire a third-party service to clean up your site because it’s difficult for someone who isn’t a WordPress security expert to find and remove all traces of an attack.
  • Change your hosting password, your WordPress admin password, and your database password.
  • Determine the date of the attack and restore your site to a backup point prior to that date.
  • Manually delete suspicious files on the server and delete any database tables that aren’t core WordPress.

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