deploy and maintain assets power bi assets and capstone project coursera week 4 answers

Guided project quiz: Deploy and maintain assets in Power BI Service

1. What should you do if you do not have an organization account when gaining access to the Power BI Service?

  • Download a shortcut for the application on your taskbar.
  • Create a free Microsoft 365 Developer account.

  • Enter your credentials into the Power BI Desktop.
  • Navigate to

2. When managing workspaces, which role should you assign a user that you want to have the ability to add members with lower permissions and manage app publishing?

  • Viewer
  • Admin
  • Member
  • Contributor

3. In the new workspace you created, what role does the user with the ability to modify and publish reports have?

  • Viewer
  • Admin
  • Member
  • Contributor

4. How will you know a report has been uploaded successfully to the Power BI Service?

  • Workspace tiles will appear on the left command menu.
  • Workspace will be updated to show report and dataset.

  • Sample report files from desktop will appear as ellipses.
  • Browse through the various tiles to locate data reports.

5. What is the purpose of a dashboard in the Power BI Service?

  • To pin overview documents as popup pages.
  • To allow for customization.
  • To create visualizations of reports in the form of tiles.

  • To track content sharing across a selected audience.

6. What are the functionalities of the Edit button on the command bar of your newly created dashboard?

  • Add a new tile, configure mobile layout, and set dashboard theme.

  • See related content, lineage view, and usage metrics.
  • Displays matrix visualization report pinned to each dashboard.
  • See statistics about the dashboard usage.

7. What is the function of Quick Insights in the Power BI Service?

  • To showcase the content that you selected for users.
  • To create a visualization of uploaded reports.
  • To create workspaces to manage dashboards.
  • To suggest additional visualizations.

8. To distribute the dashboard to others, you have created an app for the workspace. Which users will be able to view the content you have selected?

  • Users you give access to

  • Members, viewers, and contributors
  • Anyone connected to your organization
  • Members only

9. When implementing row level security, after selecting the Home button on the ribbon in data view, what step should be completed next?

  • Select Add Filter, then [UPN]
  • Select Manage Roles

  • Enter Salespeople
  • Update Dax expression

10. True or False: The purpose of implementing row level security is to ensure that only specific users are allowed to see specific data.

  • True.
  • False.

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