data visualization with r coursera week 3 quiz answers

Lesson 1: Introduction to Dashboards

Practice Quiz

1. Which two components of a dashboard happen on the back end?

  • Serve

  • Analyze

  • Interact
  • Visualize


2. Which is the preferred method for creating a Shiny app?

  • Separate code into server.R and ui.R files.
  • One file for all server and UI code.
  • Both methods work the same so one is not preferred over the other.

3. True or False: You must include the shinyApp() function in the code for all Shiny apps.

  • True
  • False

4. Which function creates an empty layout?

  • shinyUI()
  • fluidPage()
  • mainPanel()
  • sidebarLayout()

Graded Quiz

5. True or False: A Shiny app consists of two parts, the server that the user interacts with and the UI that powers the app.

  • True
  • False

6. Which two components of a dashboard happen on the front end?

  • Serve
  • Visualize

  • Interact

  • Analyze


7. Complete the sentence: You use the Layout functions to organize ____________________ containing user interface elements in the application.

  • Layouts
  • Inputs
  • Panels
  • Outputs

8. When defining the server logic for a Shiny app, you define a function that includes which of the following parameters?

  • input, response
  • input, plotOutput
  • input, output
  • input, renderPlot

Lesson 2: Create a Dashboard Application

Practice Quiz

9. If you have the command plotOutput(“plot_histogram”) in the UI-side code in your Shiny application, what is the name of the variable that you assign the plot to in the server-side code?

  • plot_histogram
  • output(plot_histogram)
  • output$plot_histogram
  • input$plot_histogram

10. Can you publish a Shiny app to your account from RStudio?

  • No, you cannot publish a Shiny app to from RStudio.
  • Yes, you can do this using the built-in capabilities of RStudio.
  • Yes, but only if you install the rsconnect package first.
  • Yes, but only if you install the shiny package first.

11. What is the process to convert an R Markdown file to an HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Word document?

  • Append
  • Weave
  • Knit
  • Join

Graded Quiz

12. In a Shiny application, where do you add input widgets?

  • A panel.
  • A tabset panel.
  • A layout.
  • A title panel.

13. Which deployment method should you select for your Shiny app if you do not want to run your own server?

  • Shiny Server
  • RStudio Connect
  • None of these options

14. What are the two main differences between an R Markdown document and a Shiny dashboard?

  • A dashboard always reflects current data, while an R Markdown document produces a snapshot of the data at the time the report is generated.

  • A dashboard is reusable, while an R Markdown file can only be generated once.
  • A dashboard can contain text, images, plots, and other information, while an R Markdown document contains only easy-to-write plain text.
  • A dashboard can be interactive, while an R Markdown document is static.

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