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1. What does this image show?

  • low-end booster
  • software instrument track
  • external MIDI track
  • audio track

2. You are ready to bounce your two-hour movie mix, but you want to bounce the audio as a WAV and an MP3 at the same time. Can this be done?

  • No, this cannot be done.
  • Yes, choose PCM and MP3 destinations in the File > Bounce > Project or Section.
  • Yes, set up two separate output faders with the different destinations set in the output.
  • You have to bounce a second time to make a separate file.

3. How do you gain access to Flex Time features in an audio editor?

  • Open the Event List.
  • Open the Mixer.
  • Open the the Track tab of the Audio Editor pane by double-clicking an audio region.
  • Force open the Piano Roll for the audio region by Option-clicking the region.

4. Which track types allow input of an audio signal from our interface or sound card?

  • Drummer tracks
  • external MIDI tracks
  • software instrument tracks
  • audio tracks

5. You set up an instrument track containing an EQ, a compressor, a retro synth, and a reverb send with your own custom parameters. You want to use this custom creation as a bass sound in a few of your songs. How can you access it in different projects?

  • Click File > Save.
  • Right-click the track and select New Track with Duplicate Setting.
  • Change the track icon.
  • Open the library and click Save to save your new patch in the instruments folder.

6. When opening Logic Pro X, you are presented by default with the Choose a Project dialog box. How do you change this default behavior?

  • Click Window > Open Project Audio.
  • Press Shift+Command+4.
  • Click Preferences > General > Project Handling > Startup Action and select the action of your choice.
  • Click File > Project Settings > General and select Song Startup Action.

7. Your output fader is clipping during your mix. What does this mean?

  • You have to turn your output fader down.
  • You should change the bit depth
  • The cumulative levels of all your tracks is too high.
  • You have to turn your speaker monitor level down.

8. In the image below, what should you expect to hear based on the settings in the Drummer Editor?

  • an electro beat
  • a four on the floor beat
  • just shaker and handclaps
  • only snare drum

9. You recorded a MIDI bassline on a software instrument track containing an ES2 synth. It is not perfectly in time. What can you use to alter the timing of your part?

  • the Flex tool
  • quantization
  • Arpeggiator
  • beat mapping

10. What is the default region length when you open a Drummer track into an empty project?

  • The default is eight bars.
  • Drummer does not populate its track with any regions by default.
  • The default is the length of your timeline until the end marker.
  • It changes depending on the Drummer personality.

11. You want to set a range of playback in the main window and have the playhead stop. What tool can you make a selection with to make this happen?

  • the Flex tool
  • the Marquee tool
  • the Pencil tool
  • the Pointer tool

12. In this image, what order does the signal flow through the plug-ins?

  • first the EQ, then the compressor
  • first the compressor, then the EQ
  • It depends on how you set up your audio settings in Project Settings.
  • first the reverb, then the auxiliary

13. Where are custom patches automatically saved by default in our file structure?

  • in the cloud
  • in your project folder
  • in a User Patches folder in the instrument or audio directory
  • on the desktop

14. In the image below, what happens when you click the round circle to the left of "Input 1" in the audio track input selector?

  • It makes a new audio track.
  • It toggles the track from mono to stereo.
  • It record-enables the track.
  • It sets the track to input MIDI.

15. Why is it important to save your project before recording audio?

  • to have access to advanced recording modes
  • to engage cycle mode more easily
  • so that the recorded files go into a project folder associated with your project
  • to make sure that the Record button can be enabled

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