unity and c# basics coursera week 4 quiz answers

Gameplay concepts quiz

1. What are obstacles, player abilities and randomness elements of?

  • Basic coding
  • Basic functionality
  • Basic gameplay
  • Basic private variables

2. Which of the following is the concept of an if-statement?

  • If some condition is met, then do something.
  • If some condition is not met, then do something.
  • If some condition is met, then do nothing.
  • If some condition is not met, then do nothing.

3. A public float variable allows you to be able to view it in the Inspector and assign precise values to it.

  • True
  • False

4. What C# statement can you use to specify the action to be executed when the boundary coordinates for a GameObject are within a specified range?

  • An Update() method
  • A Vector3.right statement
  • An if-statement
  • A Transform statement

5. Which part of writing code to customize your GameObject did you enjoy the most? What did you write in your code to make the GameObject do what you wanted?

Changing the position, rotation, or scale of the GameObject, responding to player input, detecting collisions, or triggering specific actions based on game events.

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6. What is the best way to describe an array? Select the best answer.

  • An arrow in the direction you want to move
  • A numbered list of objects
  • A code that counts screen time for a game
  • A script that controls the scene

7. Which method generates random numbers that assist you in adding randomness to your game? Select the best answer.

  • Random.Range() method
  • Random=Generator() method
  • Randomness=Range() method
  • RandomnessGenerator() method

8. Which of the following is an example of how to code using an array? Select the best answer.

  • GameObject[ ]
  • GameObject{ }
  • GameObject( )
  • GameObject

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9. What are numbers used to reference objects or elements in an array called?

Indices or indexes

10. Where should you add a variable that will be shared by several functions in your code?

  • Outside any method
  • Within a null node
  • Only after the Start() function
  • Inside any method

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