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1. You cannot fit all the tracks across your Mix window. How can you fit more horizontallv on the screen?

  • Nothing cannot be done in Pro Tools; tracks are always the same width.
  • Press Command+N (Mac) or Ctrl+N (Windows).
  • Select View > Narrow Mix.
  • Press Control+2 (Mac) or Start+2 (Windows).

2. Besides being able to go into record while playback is happening, what is another benefit of the punch record modes?

  • The audio is higher quality in punch record mode than in loop record mode.
  • Pro Tools automatically auto-tunes incoming audio.
  • You are conserving disk space.
  • Pro Tools is discretely recording all audio from the moment you hit play, even before you are actively recording.

3. You want to change the meter of your song from 4/4 to 3/4 at bar 36. What Event menu option would you select to find Change Meter?

  • Event > Tempo Operations
  • Event > Event Operations
  • Event > Renumber Bars
  • Event > Time Operations

4. In the image shown, why did the Batch Fades window appear?

  • Batch Fade mode was selected in the preferences.
  • More than one region was selected before the fade was initiated.
  • All of these answers are correct.
  • Batch Fades was selected from the Edit menu.

5. How can you edit the All group?

  • Select Preferences > Edit All Group
  • You have to be in a 24-bit session.
  • Find it in the group ID and edit it just like any other group.
  • You cannot edit the All group.

6. What does Cut Time do in the Event > Time Operations menu?

  • It makes the end of the session timeline shorter.
  • None of these answers is correct.
  • It changes 4/4 tempo to 2/4.
  • It removes a timeline selection across all tracks and closes the gap.

7. What is the difference between Bus 1-2 and Bus 3-4?

  • Bus 1-2 is a special pre-fader send.
  • Bus 1-2 is in expanded sends view, while Bus 3-4 is not.
  • Bus 1-2 is a VCA track.
  • Bus 3-4 is lower in volume.

8. You want to look at all your alternate playlists stacked vertically under your track. How can you do this?

  • Select Edit > Playlists.
  • Neither of these answers is correct.
  • Both of these answers are correct.
  • Select playlists in the track view selector.

9. What kind of track does this image show?

  • an audio track
  • a video track
  • a MIDI track
  • an instrument track

10. Which key command allows you to import audio?

  • Command+I (Mac) or Ctrl+I (Windows)
  • Command+A (Mac) or CtrI+A (Windows)
  • Shift+Command+I (Mac) or Shift+Ctrl+I (Windows)
  • I

11. What color-coding preference do you select to make the playlist regions shown below have different colors?

  • Select None under Default Track Color Coding, and select Clip List Color under Default Clip Color Coding.
  • Select Track Type under Default Track Color Coding, and select Track Color under Default Clip Color Coding.
  • Keep Always Display Marker Colors selected.
  • No special preference is necessary. Playlist view automatically color-codes a variety of colors to playlisted clips.

12. Does the Audio Volume track view selector on an instrument track have any effect on the MIDI events in the track?

  • No, it is simply a control for the instrument playback volume.
  • It does, but only when the Conductor Track is enabled.
  • Yes, it controls the velocity of the MIDI events.
  • Yes, it controls the modulation wheel information of the MIDI events.

13. In the image shown, what does 3.5 dB signify on the bass clip?

  • The track volume is up 3.5 dB
  • The bass clip is 3.5 below absolute zero on a digital scale.
  • The bass clip has 3.5 dB of clip gain applied.
  • The bass clip has a total dynamic range of 3.5 dB.

14. You used Save As to save your session to a location outside the session folder on a mobile hard drive. When you tried to open the session on a different computer, all the files were offline. Why did this happen?

  • Save As saves only the .ptx session file, and does not include or move the associated audio files folder.
  • The other computer needs to be updated to the latest version of Pro Tools.
  • You did not select the Add audio files box in the Save As dialog box.
  • Your mobile drive is corrupt.

15. You want to connect clips on more than one track to move and copy the clips as a unit. How can you achieve this?

  • Select File > Export Clips as Files.
  • Select all clips and make a clip group with Clip > Group.
  • Recalculate the waveform overview.
  • Make a bounce of all clips and import it back to another track.

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