decisions, decisions: dashboards and reports coursera weekly challenge 4 answers

Weekly challenge 4

1. Which of the following pieces of information are typically included in a business intelligence presentation to stakeholders? Select all that apply.

  • Updates on project status
  • A question-and-answer session
  • Information about stakeholder needs
  • Clarifications of minor details

2. Prioritizing the most relevant information is one of four presentation and communication best practices. What are the other three? Select all that apply.

  • Use industry jargon, such as abbreviations, to save your audience time.
  • Speak in clear, concise, and accessible language.
  • Engage your audience by taking the time to understand their point of view.
  • Describe how you addressed a concern previously raised by stakeholders.

3. What are the benefits of sharing low-fidelity mockups with stakeholders early on in the design process? Select all that apply.

  • To discuss the fine details of each chart or graph
  • To give stakeholders a clear idea of your design intentions
  • To get important feedback
  • If necessary, to move in a new direction before investing time in an actual dashboard

4. Fill in the blank: If you are interested in business intelligence jobs in any industry, keep your criteria _____ during your job search by searching for “entry-level business intelligence” positions.

  • rigid
  • narrow
  • general
  • specific

5. What are the benefits of having a portfolio to share during an interview? Select all that apply.

  • Showcase your work.
  • Demonstrate your data-industry skills.
  • Demonstrate your transferable skills.
  • Avoid the time and effort involved in writing a biography.

6. Fill in the blank: During a virtual interview, it is important to _____.

  • refrain from asking questions
  • maintain an informal demeanor
  • take control of the interview
  • dress appropriately

7. Fill in the blank: When sharing your_____, the sketches are intended to give stakeholders a clear idea of your design intentions.

  • functional dashboard
  • low-fidelity mockups
  • iterations
  • slide decks

8. Fill in the blank: If you are interested in working in a particular industry, _____ your criteria during your job search. Otherwise, search for “entry-level business intelligence” positions.

  • change
  • delete
  • narrow
  • widen

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9. Fill in the blank: A well-rounded portfolio can include projects you worked on in non-data industries, enabling you to demonstrate your _____.

  • job search techniques
  • recommendation letters
  • transferable skills
  • responses to interview questions

10. At what point in the process should a business intelligence professional confirm the format in which business intelligence presentations will be conducted?

  • At the end, once all deadlines have been met
  • Toward the end, once project scope is solidified
  • About halfway through, after verifying project scope and deadlines
  • Early, when verifying project scope and deadlines

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