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rust programming language linkedin assessment answers

1. The smart pointers Rc and Arc provide reference counting. What is the API for incrementing a reference count?

  • .clone()
  • .incr()
  • .increment()
  • .add()

2. Which fragment does not incur memory allocations while writing to a "file" (represented by a vec)?

3. To convert a Result to an Option, which method should you use?

  • .ok()
  • .to_option()
  • .into()
  • .as_option()

4. Why does this code not compile?

  • Closures are types and can be returned only if the concrete trait is implemented.
  • The returned fn pointer and value need to be represented by another trait.
  • Closures are types, so they cannot be returned directly from a function.
  • Closures are represented by traits, so they cannot be a return type.

5. What smart pointer is used to allow multiple ownership of a value in various threads?

  • Arc<T>
  • Both Arc<r> and Rc<T> are multithread safe.
  • Box<T>
  • Rc<T>

6. Which example correctly uses std: :collections: :HashMap's Entry API to populate counts?

7. Which statement about this code is true?

  • Both are string literals.
  • heart_eyed_cat is an invalid expression.
  • c is a string literal and heart_eyed_cat is a character literal.
  • Both are character literals.

8. Which types are not allowed within an enum variant's body?

  • trait objects
  • zero-sized types
  • floating-point numbers
  • structs

9. Which type cast preserves the mathematical value in all cases?

  • i64 as i32
  • i32 as i64
  • f64 as f32
  • usize as u64

10. Your application requires a single copy of some data tvpe T to be held in memory that can be accessed by multiple threads. What is the thread- safe wrapper type?

  • Rc<Mutex<T>>
  • Mutex<Arc<T>>
  • Arc<Mutex<T>>
  • Mutex<Re<T>>

11. What do the vertical bars represent here?

  • a future
  • a thread
  • a closure
  • a block

12. Which is valid syntax for defining an array of 132 values?

  • [i32; 10]
  • Array<i32>:: new(10)
  • [i32]
  • Array<i32>: :with_capacity(10)

13. What is the effect of marking a function as pub (crate)?

  • It is visible to other functions within the function’s module and any of its submodules.
  • There is no effect. It is equivalent to the default.
  • It is visible to members of all modules within the function’s crate.
  • It is visible to code that is packaged as a crate.

14. What is an alternative way of writing slice that produces the same result?

15. Which cargo command checks a program for errors without creating a binary executable?

  • cargo –version
  • cargo init
  • cargo check
  • cargo build

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