go beyond the numbers: translate data into insights coursera weekly challenge 2 answers

Test your knowledge: Discovering is the beginning of an investigation

1. Fill in the blank: Tabular, XML, CSV, and J-SON files are all types of _____.

  • data types
  • spreadsheets
  • Python functions
  • data formats

2. It is a data professional’s responsibility to understand data sources because the data’s origin affects its reliability.

  • True
  • False

3. Which Python method returns the total number of entries and the data types of individual data entries in a dataset?

  • Info()
  • Number()
  • Return()
  • Total()

Test your knowledge: Understand data format

4. Which of the following statements will convert the time column into a datetime data type?

  • df[‘time ‘] = datetime(df[‘time’])
  • df[‘time ‘] = pd.to_datetime(df[‘time ‘])
  • df[‘time ‘] = pd.to_datetime(‘time’)
  • df[‘time ‘] = pd.to_time (df[‘datetime’])

5. What Python method formats data into a new string representing date and time using a date, time, or datetime object?

  • Strftime()
  • Fig.show()
  • Head()
  • Div()

6. A data professional is creating a bar chart in Python. To label the y-axis Sales to Date, they would use the following statement: ylabel('Sales to Date').

  • True
  • False

Test your knowledge: Create structure from raw data

7. Fill in the blank: Grouping is a structuring method that enables data professionals to _____ individual observations of a variable into different categories or classes.

  • classify
  • rank
  • aggregate
  • disperse

8. Which of the following Python statements will create a list called grade_order that starts with Preschool?

  • order = [‘Preschool_Grade’, ‘Kindergarten_Grade’, ‘Elementary School_Grade’, ‘Middle School_Grade’, ‘High School_Grade’]
  • grade_order (‘Preschool’, ‘Kindergarten’, ‘Elementary School’, ‘Middle School’, ‘High School’)
  • order_grade = [‘Preschool’, ‘Kindergarten’, ‘Elementary School’, ‘Middle School’, ‘High School’]
  • grade_order = [‘Preschool’, ‘Kindergarten’, ‘Elementary School’, ‘Middle School’, ‘High School’]

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. A data professional can use the concat function to join two or more dataframes.

  • True
  • False

Weekly challenge 2

10. What are some strategies data professionals use to understand the source of a dataset? Select all that apply.

  • Request relevant information from the data owners.
  • Ensure data supports the data professional’s hypothesis.
  • Investigate whether the data originator has any financial stake in the dataset.
  • Confirm the data owners have experience collecting data.

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