ar for web using javascript coursera week 4 answers

Augmented reality for web using JavaScript quiz

1. What are the three core technologies that make up web AR? Select all that apply.

  • JavaScript
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Universal Resource Locator
  • Hypertext Markup Language 5

2. Complete this sentence. When developing a web AR application, make sure that you___________________________for your web AR app so that it can load faster. Select the best answer.

  • limit internet speeds
  • provide download instructions
  • use advanced, platform-specific features
  • streamline loading

3. Which of the following are true for how JavaScript is used in AR development? Select all that apply.

  • JavaScript is used to attach custom behaviors to entities.
  • JavaScript is the scripting language used in PlayCanvas.
  • JavaScript has some similarities with C and Java languages.
  • JavaScript streamlines AR development into a single code base.

4. Which of the following best describes a JavaScript event? Select all that apply.

  • A declaration at the top of your script file where the property type can be written.
  • A particular type of object such as a texture, material or models.
  • A way of communicating between scripts.
  • Actions or occurrences that happen in the application you are scripting.

5. Adding comments and then using breakpoints to move through code bit by bit are two powerful ways to help debug your scripts. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

6. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. The third step in the agile Software Development Life Cycle is ______________________, when you begin working on the app for the first sprint. At the end of each sprint, the work is evaluated to determine whether you need to make any changes.

  • iteration
  • scoping
  • analysis
  • planning

7. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. __________________components contain child entities with Element Components, which are the individual pieces that make up the UI screen.

  • Debugging
  • Target
  • Screen
  • Blender

8. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. ________________mode is the default mode of Blender. To change what an object looks like, you need to be in Edit Mode.

  • Output
  • Edit
  • Object
  • Input

9. Which of the following is true for materials in PlayCanvas? Select all that apply.

  • Materials can be dragged into the Assets panel and then assigned to objects.
  • Materials in PlayCanvas are used to design the app’s UI.
  • Using materials in Blender, you can make a sphere look like a metal ball with a shiny surface.
  • PlayCanvas materials are images assigned to an object that change its appearance.

10. Select the best answer to complete this sentence. When your animations are ready, you upload the model, texture and animation assets into the __________________________ panel in Editor.

  • assets
  • inspector
  • scene
  • components

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