tools for data science coursera week 4 quiz answers

Practice Quiz - Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab

1. What functionality is provided by the Jupyter Notebook file to Data Scientists?

  • Runs the code and generates the output in a separate file
  • Allows to code in only one language
  • Does not allow to share the file in any format
  • Allows to combine descriptive text, code blocks, and code output in a single file

2. What is the purpose of the kernel in the Jupyter Notebook?

  • Exports the code to a different file
  • Executes the code
  • Writes the code
  • Translates the code to a different language

3. What are the elements of Jupyter’s architecture?

  • Kernel and client
  • Server and client
  • Two kernels and a server
  • Two clients and a server

4. What is the default kernel of JupyterLite?

  • SQLite
  • Pyolite
  • Julia
  • No kernel

5. What is the purpose of Anaconda?

  • Allows creating interactive visualizations
  • Allows to install packages using a command line interface only
  • Allows to install new packages without using a command line interface
  • Allows execution of code written in any language

Graded Quiz - Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLab

6. In which formats can you share a notebook with other users?

  • PDF
  • ppt
  • doc
  • xls

7. What is a feature of a JupyterLab?

  • Allows access to a single Notebook
  • Is not an open source
  • Interactive control of the notebook cells and output
  • Allows support of a single HTML file format

8. Which option gives the output of the current highlighted code cell in Jupyter Notebook?

  • Run -> Run All Cells
  • Run-> Run Selected Cells
  • Run -> Render All Markdown Cells
  • Edit -> Run

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. How can you switch the kernel in the Jupyter Notebook?

  • From the Edit menu on top of the notebook
  • By clicking on the Code option
  • By clicking the top left of the notebook
  • By clicking the top right of the notebook

10. Which of the following can be used to work with Jupyter Notebook?

  • Notepad++
  • Browser
  • Explorer
  • Notepad

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