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google ads linkedin assessment answers

1. What would help improve conversions and increase ad Quality Score?

  • increasing bids
  • using Shopping ads
  • adding an extension
  • improving landing page

2. How can you see a preview of what your ad will look like before your campaign is active?

  • There is no preview option available.
  • An instant preview shows as you create the ad.
  • Search Google for keywords that may trigger your ads.
  • Right-click a campaign and select View Preview.

3. Farhann is running advertisements that are targeting only Italy, but he sees that his ads are receiving clicks from people in Greece. What is the most likely reason?

  • People in Italy are conducting searches such as “best restaurants in Greece”
  • People in Greece are conducting searches such as “best restaurants in Italy”.
  • Greek people visiting Italy are searching for “best restaurants in Italv”.
  • Italian people visiting Greece are searching for “best restaurants in Greece”

4. In a text ad, the display URL is made up of the domain from your final URL and up to two _____ .

  • keywords
  • tracking tags
  • paths
  • descriptions

5. Which report would most accurately show how far away users are when clicking your ads in relation to the location of your business?

  • distance report
  • dimension report
  • user location report
  • geographic report

6. Which metric is not an option when choosing how to focus your bidding?

  • impression share
  • conversions
  • cost
  • clicks

7. If your average daily budget is $20, what is the maximum amount Google Ads may charge you on a single day?

  • $22
  • $40
  • $20
  • $36

8. Which average daily budget will maximize the number of impressions you receive, but ensure that you will never spend more than $45 in a single day?

  • $44
  • $30
  • $15
  • $22

9. How do responsive search ads increase your likelihood of reaching more customers?

  • Responsive search ads receive preferential treatment in the Google Ads auction.
  • all of these answers
  • Responsive search ads are mobile optimized.
  • They provide multiple headline and description options, so ads automatically evolve based on performance.

10. What destination URL would you need to configure to send traffic directly to a page within a mobile app?

  • app link
  • deep link
  • path link
  • universal link

11. Patrick sells hats, and has added [womens hats] to his keyword list. Which search term will not trigger Patrick's ad to display?

  • women’s hats
  • the women’s hats
  • sewing womens hats
  • hat for women

12. Which choice is not an option when configuring ad extensions?

  • product extensions
  • message extensions
  • sitelink extensions
  • callout extensions

13. What solution allows your bids to be automatically adjusted while keeping your average CPC around or below the max CPC that you have set?

  • RLSA
  • MDC
  • Target ROAS
  • ECPC

14. Linzi wants her ads to show up at the very top of the search results page, regardless of what it costs. What would you suggest she do in order to show in the top result a specified percentage of the time?

  • Create an ad group, with top of page as the only location target.
  • Use the maximum bid amount as suggested by Keyword Planner.
  • Use the Target Impression Share bid strategy.
  • Inform Linzi that this is not possible

15. What can you use to target customers who are very likely going to buy a product or service in the same category as your product or service?

  • detailed demographics
  • affinity audiences
  • remarketing
  • in-market audiences

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