data analysis with python coursera week 1 quiz answers

Practice Quiz: Understanding the Data

1. How many columns does the dataset have?

  • 26
  • 205

2. Each column contains a:

  • attribute or feature
  • different used car

Practice Quiz: Python Packages for Data Science

3. What is a Python library?

  • A file that contains data.
  • A collection of functions and methods that allows you to perform lots of actions without writing your code.

Practice Quiz: Importing and Exporting Data in Python

4. What does the following method do to the dataframe? df : df.head(12)

  • Show the first 12 rows of dataframe.
  • Shows the bottom 12 rows of dataframe.

Practice Quiz: Getting Started Analyzing Data in Python

5. To enable a summary of all the columns, what must the parameter include be set to for the method describe?

  • df.describe(include=“all”)
  • df.describe(include=“None”)

Graded Quiz: Importing Datasets

6. What do we want to predict from the dataset?

  • price
  • colour
  • make

7. What library is primarily used for machine learning

  • scikit-learn
  • Python
  • matplotlib

8. We have the list headers_list:


We also have the dataframe df that contains three columns, what is the correct syntax to replace the headers of the dataframe df with values in the list headers_list?

  • df.columns = headers_list
  • df.head()
  • df.tail()

9. Consider the segment of the following dataframe:

What is the type of the column make?

  • int64
  • object
  • float64

10. If you use the method describe() without changing any of the arguments you will get a statistical summary of all the columns of type object?

  • false
  • true

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