foundations of business intelligence coursera week 1 quiz answers

Test your knowledge: Organizations and teams that benefit from business intelligence

1. What are the typical responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst? Select all that apply.

  • Create visualizations, dashboards, and reports.
  • Retrieve, organize, and interpret an organization’s data.
  • Gather requirements from stakeholders, partners, and team members.
  • Evaluate and streamline devices, infrastructures, and information channels.

2. Fill in the blank: To enable different computer programs to communicate with one another, companies can use an application programming _____. This is a set of functions and procedures that integrate diverse systems.

  • channel
  • interface
  • requirement
  • dashboard

3. Which stakeholders do business intelligence professionals collaborate with in order to maximize available data and data tools?

  • Data analysts
  • Data governance professionals
  • Information technology professionals
  • Data warehousing specialists

Test your knowledge: Business intelligence structures and stages

4. A business intelligence professional is considering how effectively their team is able to use the data available to them in order to extract actionable insights. What BI concept is the focus of this situation?

  • Data analysis
  • Data governance
  • Data structure
  • Data maturity

5. In business intelligence, which stage might involve querying a database to return a financial dataset or accessing a spreadsheet of marketing campaign data?

  • Capture
  • Analyze
  • Share
  • Monitor

6. In what ways might data analysis be used in order to help business intelligence professionals provide data-driven insights? Select all that apply.

  • Examining data more in-depth
  • Automating processes and information channels
  • Exploring why things happened
  • Understanding relationships between data points

Test your knowledge: How business intelligence makes an impact

7. What concept involves managing the people, processes, and tools used in the business intelligence process?

  • Business intelligence governance
  • Data governance
  • Business intelligence strategy
  • Data maturity

8. A data pipeline is a series of processes that transports data from different sources to a new destination. What happens to the data at this destination?

  • Live monitoring
  • Graphical representation
  • Archival or destruction
  • Storage and analysis

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9. A business intelligence professional wants to improve a procedure in order to achieve better outcomes. To do this, they repeat the procedure over and over until they get closer to the desired results. What business intelligence concept does this situation describe?

  • Transformation
  • Monitoring
  • Iteration
  • Flow

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10. What is data science?

  • A process used to solve complex problems in a user-centric way
  • A field of study that uses data to create new ways of modeling and understanding the unknown
  • A tool for organizing data elements and how they relate to one another
  • The collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, and drive informed decision-making

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