foundations of cybersecurity coursera weekly challenge 2 answers

Test your knowledge: The history of cybersecurity

1. Fill in the blank: A computer virus is malicious _____ that interferes with computer operations and causes damage.

  • code
  • sequencing
  • hardware
  • formatting

2. What is one way that the Morris worm helped shape the security industry?

  • It prevented the development of illegal copies of software.
  • It inspired threat actors to develop new types of social engineering attacks.
  • It led to the development of computer emergency response teams.
  • It made organizations more aware of the significant financial impact of security incidents.

3. What were the key impacts of the Equifax breach? Select two answers.

  • Millions of customers’ PII was stolen.
  • The significant financial consequences of a breach became more apparent.
  • Developers were able to track illegal copies of software and prevent pirated licenses.
  • Phishing became illegal due to significant public outcry.

4. Social engineering, such as phishing, is a manipulation technique that relies on computer error to gain private information, access, or valuables.

  • True
  • False

Test your knowledge: The eight CISSP security domains

5. Fill in the blank: Examples of security _____ include security and risk management and security architecture and engineering.

  • domains
  • data
  • networks
  • assets

6. A security professional is responsible for ensuring that company servers are configured to securely store, maintain, and retain SPII. These responsibilities belong to what security domain?

  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Asset security
  • Security and risk management
  • Communication and network security

7. Your supervisor asks you to audit the human resources management system at your organization. The objective of your audit is to ensure the system is granting appropriate access permissions to current human resources administrators. Which security domain is this audit related to?

  • Software development security
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security operations
  • Identity and access management

8. Why is it useful to understand the eight CISSP security domains? Select two answers.

  • To develop programming skills
  • To identify potential career opportunities
  • To better understand your role within an organization
  • To improve your communication skills

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Weekly challenge 2

9. What is the term for software that is designed to harm devices or networks?

  • Bug
  • Social application
  • Malware
  • Error message

10. What historical event resulted in one of the largest known thefts of sensitive data, including social security numbers and credit card numbers?

  • LoveLetter attack
  • Equifax breach
  • Morris worm
  • Brain virus

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