foundation of ar coursera week 3 answers

Introduction to computer vision quiz

1. What does computer vision do? Select the best answer.

  • Computer vision enables computers to “think.”
  • Computer vision provides equipment for end-users for a completely immersive experience.
  • Computer vision allows for computers to put a filter on the device screen for a better viewing experience.
  • Computer vision trains computers to interpret, understand and react to what they’re seeing.

2. Which of the following are categories of computer vision used for AR effects? Select all that apply.

  • Algorithms
  • Object detection
  • World tracking
  • 2D tracking

3. Which of the following are best practices for computer vision in AR? Select all that apply.

  • Consider the file size of the algorithm.
  • Test.
  • Develop for the newest devices.
  • Use good data.

4. Which category of computer vision that is used for AR effects labels specific regions of an image according to what’s being shown? Select the best answer.

  • Segmentation
  • 3D tracking
  • World tracking
  • Object detection

5. Which computer vision element supports AR for locating real-world elements?

  • SLAM
  • SLM
  • 3D tracking
  • Object detection

Computer vision quiz

6. What is computer vision? Select the best answer.

  • Artificial intelligence that allows computers to “think.”
  • An environment that is digital but the content is real.
  • A form of artificial intelligence that allows systems to derive meaningful information from digital inputs such as videos or images.
  • An app that allows you to use AR on your mobile device.

7. How does computer vision work in the context of augmented reality (AR)? Select the best answer.

  • Computer vision indicates to devices enabled with AR capabilities how to “think.”
  • Computer vision works in parallel with AR and “sees” the AR filters and functionality as they are developed.
  • Computer vision uses AI models which are trained to understand pixels generated by a camera.
  • Computer vision and augmented reality are the same thing.

8. Human pose estimation is a category of computer vision with AR effects that uses 2D tracking. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

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9. Why is it important to consider the file size of algorithms in computer vision with AR effects? Select the best answer.

  • File size doesn’t matter and has no bearing on the consumer experience.
  • Consumers will need to download and install algorithms to make AR effects run on their devices.
  • Consumers may have limited bandwidth on their devices.
  • The bigger the algorithm, the more likely it is that errors will occur when running AR effects.

10. The computer vision model will only be as good as the data fed into it. Select the best answer.

  • True
  • False

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