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windows server linkedin assessment answers

1. You want to ensure there are redundant DHCP services available for your network. What should you set up on your server to make this possible?

  • replicate failover scopes
  • create new superscope
  • configure failover
  • create new multicast scope

2. You work at a company with an Enterprise environment operating on Windows Server 2008. Sixty percent of the servers have 64-bit CPUs: the rest are 32-bit. Management has decided to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2. The budget for this upgrade is small. What would be your recommendation for a successful deployment of Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems?

  • Upgrade servers with 32-bit CPUs to 64-bit CPUs before proceeding.
  • Upgrade servers with 32-bit CPUs only.
  • Do not upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2, as it would exceed the allocated budget.
  • Upgrade servers with 64-bit CPUs only, and discard servers with 32-bit CPUs.

3. Group policy objects are not being applied to domain controllers because the Default Domain Controllers and Default Domain group policies are corrupt. What can you run in a command prompt to recover them?

  • ntdsutil.exe
  • dcgpofix.exe
  • depromo. exe
  • dcdiagfix.exe

4. When setting up a new RADIUS client, what piece of information verifies a secure and trusted connection with the RADIUS server?

  • authentication methods
  • hash key
  • shared secret
  • vendor name availability

5. You need to configure your DHCP server to deny certain client MAC addresses from receiving an IP address. Where do you configure this setting?

  • Scope Options folder
  • Policies folder
  • Scope Default folder
  • Filters folder

6. You must configure a set of three DNS IP addresses to be given to clients that receive IP configuration from your DHCP server. The DNS IP addresses will apply to all DHCP scopes created on the server. Where on your DHCP server do you configure this setting?

  • Policies
  • Scope Clients
  • Scope Options
  • Server Options

7. Your Hyper-V server has two physical disks installed. Disk 1 is a C: drive that hosts the Windows system files, and disk 2 is a D: drive that has no data. You need to connect the D: drive to a newly created VM using a pass-through disk configuration. What is true about the D: drive?

  • The physical disk must use iSCSI.
  • The physical disk must be offline.
  • The physical disk must be in a RAID 6 configuration.
  • The physical disk must be reformatted.

8. A company IS server will host the corporate site, which is accessible only by company computers. You need to configure this website to use SSL. You obtain a certificate to install on the server. Into which certificate store should you import the server's certificate?

  • Trusted Root Certification Authorities under Local Computer
  • Personal under Local Computer
  • Client Authentication Issuers under Local Computer
  • Trusted Root Certification Authorities under Current User

9. A domain GPO must applv to users based on the location of the computer to which they are logging in. You set up this ability by using which group policy feature?

  • loopback
  • filter
  • administrative
  • inheritance

10. You presaged a computer in Active Directory in a domain controller at company headquarters. After 30 minutes, that new computer object is still not available at the branch office domain controllers. What should you run from a command prompt to get a summary of the AD replication status in your domain from the perspective of all domain controllers?

  • repadmin/showrepl *
  • repadmin/replsum
  • repadmin/queue
  • ntdsutil.exe

11. A Windows Server machine configured to be a file server has which server role installed?

  • Print and Document Services
  • Print and Network Services
  • Print and File Services
  • Print and Remote Services

12. Your organization has the main datacenter on the west side of North America. A secondary site is located on the east side, where data is replicated from west to east. During a disaster recovery, your organization can pick up operations at the east datacenter in about one to two hours. In an official disaster recovery plan document, the east datacenter is referred to as what type of site?

  • cold
  • backup
  • far
  • warm

13. You are working toward managing a cross-forest certificate enrollment deployment and need to copy objects in the source forest to the target forest. How do you keep the source and target forest synchronized?

  • certificate templates
  • storage replication
  • pkisync.ps1
  • site replication

14. You configure a GO and link it to the CompanyAdmins OU to assign several settings to their computers. After unlinking the GPO from the OU some settings are still in effect. How is this possible?

  • The unmanaged Administrative Template settings are in use.
  • The Restricted Groups security settings are in effect.
  • The Restricted Groups security settings are in effect.
  • A local administrative group policy has been created.

15. You need to make assignments to other admins to manage certificate templates in a multidomain forest. What change is required in Active Directory?

  • You must create a group in Active Directory and add that group to the security properties of the CA server in the Certificate Authority console.
  • Add a group or user to the Certificate Templates property security tab from the configuration partition of your domain using ADSI.
  • The domain group or user account must be given Read and Enroll security permission.
  • Add the domain group or user account to the CA root server’s local Administrator group.

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