tools for data science coursera week 7 quiz answers

Practice Quiz - Watson Studio

1. You want your project in Cloud Pak for Data to interact with outside tools like Git repository. Which option under Projects will provide you with this capability?

  • Access control
  • Resource usage
  • Services & integrations
  • Environments

2. After you create an account in Watson Studio, which option should you select to create a project?

  • Projects
  • Work with Data
  • Learn what’s new
  • Take a tutorial

3. Which option enables part of the Jupyter notebook to not execute?

  • Notification
  • Markdown
  • Job schedule
  • Code

4. Which option should you select to see the available runtime environments?

  • Resource usage
  • Access control
  • Services & integrations
  • Templates

5. Which option should you select to define the access for personal tokens?

  • Select scopes > repo
  • Third-party integrations > Connect integration
  • Manage > Service & Integrations
  • Select scopes > personal access token

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