excel basics for data analysis coursera answers week 2

Getting Started with Using Excel Speadsheets

Practice Quiz

1. How can you zoom to a specific area of data in an Excel spreadsheet?

  • Use the 100% button
  • Use the Zoom to Selection button
  • Use the Freeze Frames option
  • Use the Zoom button 

2. What do you use the AutoFill feature for?

  • Move or copy data between spreadsheets
  • Paste data in a cell with the same column width settings
  • Drag selected data to another place
  • Automatically fill cells with data in a sequential series or pattern

3. What is one of the key components of a typical formula?

  • Division
  • Reference
  • Percentage
  • Calculation

4. What happens when you use the median calculation but select an even number of values in a range?

  • Returns both of the middle values of the selected range 
  • Divides the selected range in half 
  • Returns middle figure between the two middle values in the selected range
  • Returns one of the middle value of the selected range

5. What are Excel cell references by default?

  • Mixed references 
  • Cell references must be assigned
  • Relative references
  • Absolute references

6. When creating formulas, what is a mixed reference?

  • One cell reference is absolute, the other one is relative 
  • Both cell references are either absolute, or relative
  • Both cell references are manually assigned 
  • One cell reference is absolute, the other must be manually assigned 

Graded Quiz

7. Which of the following is a valid way of editing existing data in a cell? Select all that apply

  • Press F2

  • Press CTRL+N
  • Select the cell you want to edit and press Enter
  • Select the cell you want to edit and then click in the formula bar

8. In Excel for the web, how can you format data in cells to use a currency? Select all that apply

  • Select “More Number Formats” from the Number Format drop-down list in the Number group

  • Select the data and click the Decrease Decimal button
  • Right-click on a cell and select Number Format

  • Select “Format cells” from the Format drop-down list in the Cells group


9. What character do you type first when you want to start writing a formula?

  • Plus sign ‘+’
  • Division sign ‘/’
  • Equal sign ‘=’

  • Percentage sign ‘%’


10. What is one of the functions found in the AutoSum drop-down list?

  • Accounting
  • General
  • Number
  • Count Numbers

11. In Excel Desktop, what is one of the function categories on the Formulas tab, in the Function Library group?

  • Medical
  • Lookup & Reference
  • Functional
  • Analytical

12. How do you make a cell reference absolute in a formula?

  • Put a plus sign (+) between the column and row identifiers in the formula
  • Put an asterisk (*) in front of the column or behind the row identifiers in the formula
  • Put a dollar sign ($) in front of the column and/or row identifiers in the formula
  • Put a percentage sign (%) behind the column or row identifiers in the formula

13. Formula errors in Excel are preceded by a hash symbol (#). What does it mean when multiple hash symbols exist in a cell?

  • Formula is missing a cell reference
  • Formula contains unrecognized text
  • Formula contains multiple errors
  • Column isn’t wide enough or it contains negative date or time values

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