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arcgis products assessment linkedin answers

1. Which is a collection of raster datasets stored as a catalog that allows you to view or access the datasets as a single merged image or individual images?

  • raster tiles
  • a folder of raster data files
  • a mosaic dataset
  • an image collection dataset

2. A grayscale raster is said to have a single raster has three _____.

  • channel; channels
  • value: values
  • band; bands
  • color; colors

3. Which is the most effective way to have labels for different street types be shown at different scale ranges?

  • Use the Draw toolbar to create text boxes for each street type.
  • Create label classes for each type of street.
  • Create a separate layer for each street type.
  • This is not possible. Labels are the same at all scale ranges.

4. A file geodatabase table field that will be used to store scans of historical records in .pdf format needs to be what data type?

  • attachment
  • OLE object
  • blob
  • document

5. Which data source cannot be added to ArcGIS Online to be used as a hosted feature layer?

  • GeoJSON files
  • Google Sheets spreadsheets stored in Google Drive
  • Microsoft Excel workbooks
  • personal geodatabases

6. Your organization maintains nonspatial customer data in a SQL Server database. What is the best way to integrate that information into an ArcGIS Pro project so that the data displayed is always up to date with the information stored on the server?

  • Add the data to the project through an ArcGIS Online service
  • Add the data to the project using a query layer.
  • Add the data to the project by replicating it to the default geodatabase.
  • Add the data to the project by creating a relationship class between the server’s tables and an existing feature class.

7. You need to attach photographs to a geodatabase feature class called Bus_ Stops. To enable this capability using ArcCatalog, you right-click the Bus_Stops feature class, point to Manage, and then click Create Attachments. What does this create in the geodatabase?

  • A geodatabase table called Bus Stops REL is created that references a Bus_ Stops_ATTACHMENTS folder in the same parent folder as the geodatabase.
  • A geodatabase table called Bus Stops ATTACH and a relationship class called Bus_Stops_ATTACHREL are created.
  • A new raster feature dataset called Bus Stops ATTACHMENTS is created.
  • A feature class called Bus Stops ATTACH and a relationship class called Bus_Stops_RELATION are created.

8. Which geocoding locator service would be best for organizations that have security or privacy requirements that require an on-premises solution and a need for high-volume geocoding in specific regions or countries?

  • ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service
  • Build your own.
  • StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS
  • World Geocoder for ArcGIS

9. When creating a feature class, which field data type would be most appropriate to store values in the expected range of 1,000 to 10,000?

  • short integer
  • float
  • double
  • long integer

10. What kind of scale is "1 in = 10 mi" an example of?

  • imperial
  • relative
  • spatial reference
  • fixed

11. When trying to publish a web feature laver from ArcGIS Pro to ArGIS Online, the analyzer returns the error message "Laver uses an unsupported renderer or property." Which symbology method would cause this error?

  • dot density
  • unique values
  • graduated symbols
  • unclassed colors

12. You want to create a tool for your organization that will walk users through a best-practice workflow in a consistent manner. What is the best way to go about this?

  • Build an ArcGIS Pro task.
  • Build an ArcGIS model.
  • Script the procedure using Python.
  • Publish an ArcGIS Online story map.

13. How can you link the size of text and symbols to a specific zoom level of the map so that they increase and decrease in size as you zoom in and out?

  • Right-click the map in the Contents pane and click Set Reference Scale.
  • In the Layer Properties dialog box, click Display, and then clear Fixed Sizing.
  • Turn on the option for Zoom Symbology and Labels in the map’s properties.
  • Right-click the data layer and choose Symbology > Variable.

14. Which is a limitation when storing geospatial data in the shapefile format?

  • Polygons and lines can be made of only straight segments since shapefiles don’t support true curves.
  • Line features can have a maximum of 255 vertex points. Features that exceed this limit need to be split into multiple segments.
  • Shapefiles cannot contain more than 65,000 point features.
  • Individual polygons cannot be shaped like donuts or Swiss cheese with holes in the interior. Creating such shapes would require two or more adjacent polygon features.

15. You add a north arrow to a layout in ArcGIS Pro. Which direction does it point by default?

  • Grid North
  • Magnetic North
  • Map North
  • True North

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