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1. Why might you want to write a custom model Manager?

  • to set up a database for testing
  • to modify the initial QuerySet that the Manager returns
  • to filter the results that a database query returns
  • to perform database queries

2. To automatically provide a value for a field, or to do validation that requires access to more than a single field, you should override the _____ method in the ____ class.

  • validate(); Form
  • clean(); Field
  • validate(); Model
  • group (); Model

3. Which is not part of Dingo's design philosophy?

  • less code
  • loose coupling
  • fast development
  • implicit over explicit

4. How do you turn off Django's automatic HTML escaping for part of a web page?

  • You don’t need to do anything-autoescaping is off by default.
  • Wrap that section between (% autoescapeoff &} and {% endautoescapeoff %} tags.
  • Wrap that section between (% autoescape off &) and (& endautoescape %} tags.
  • Place that section between paragraph tags containing the autoescape=off switch.

5. Which statement is most accurate, regarding using the default SQLite database on your local/development machine but Postgres in production?

  • It’s fine, you just need to keep both instances synchronized.
  • It’s the most efficient way to build a project.
  • There’s less chance of introducing bugs since SQLite already works out of the box.
  • It’s a bad idea and could lead to issues down the road.

6. A client wants their site to be able to load "Rick & Morty" episodes by number or by title-e.g., shows/3/3 or shows/picklerick. Which URL pattern do you recommend?

7. Which is not a third-party package commonly used for authentication?

  • django-guardian
  • authtoken
  • django-rest-framework-jwt
  • django-rest-auth

8. How would you define the relationship between a star and a constellation in a Django model?

9. Which statement about Diango apps is false?

  • Each Django app should do one thing, and one thing alone.
  • Django apps are small libraries designed to represent a single aspect of a project.
  • A Django project is made up of many apps
  • A Django app is the top-level container for a web application powered by Django.

10. To cache your entire site for an application in Django, you add all except which of these settings?

  • django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware
  • django.middleware.cache.UpdateCacheMiddleware
  • django.middleware.cache.AcceleratedCacheMiddleware
  • django.middleware.cache.FetchFromCacheMiddleware

11. What is WSGl?

  • a framework
  • a server
  • an interface specification
  • a Python module

12. You want to create a page that allows editing of two classes connected by a foreign key (e.g., a question and answer that reside in separate tables). What Django feature can you use?

  • actions
  • admin
  • mezcal
  • inlines

13. What method can you use to check if form data has been changed when using a Form instance?

  • has_changed()
  • changed_data ()
  • is_modified()
  • has_updated()

14. How would you stop Django from performing database table creation or deletion operations via migrations for a particular model?

  • Set managed=False inside the model.
  • Move the model definition from into its own file.
  • Run the migrate command with –exclude=[ model name ].
  • Don’t run the migrate command.

15. What is the correct way to make a variable available to all of your templates?

  • Use RequestContext.
  • Add a dictionary to the template context.
  • Set a session variable.
  • Use a global variable

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