creative designing in power bi coursera week 1 answers

Self-Review: Improving report cohesiveness

Complete the following questions to check your understanding of the task and determine if you executed the steps correctly. Don’t forget that you can revisit the previous learning items to recap the process steps.

Complete the following questions to check your understanding of the task and determine if you executed the steps correctly. Don’t forget that you can revisit the previous learning items to recap the process steps.

1. In the pie chart, each slice indicates the total value and percentage contribution of the category towards the grand total. To reduce the onscreen clutter, you only need to display the percentage contribution towards the whole. In Power BI’s visualization pane, what control option in allows you to change that option?

  • Slices
  • Details labels

  • Properties

2. True or False: The table visual in Power BI allows you to change the text color of the values of a specific column without affecting the text color of other columns.

  • True

  • False

3. True or False: You can rename the chart titles by selecting the chart first, then navigating to Visualizations > Format visual > General and changing the text property.

  • True

  • False

4. What is the percentage value for the Bikes category in the pie chart named Marketing Budget 2023-Q1?

  • 37.74%
  • 47.17%

  • 70.09%

5. Which of the following are key elements of visual hierarchy? Select all that apply.

  • Fonts

  • Grids
  • Colors
  • Negative space

Knowledge Check

6. Which Microsoft Power BI menu item is used to set text, color, and style for a visual element?

  • Format Visual

  • Build
  • Visual Analytics

7. What term describes that the information is grouped together logically and presented in a sequential manner?

  • Clear visual hierarchy
  • Strategic positioning

  • Consistent color scheme

8. True or False: Color harmony is a circular diagram that organizes colors based on their relationship to one another, providing insights into color harmonies and combinations in design. It consists of primary colors, secondary colors, and intermediate colors formed by mixing primary and secondary colors.

  • True
  • False

9. You are working on a data analysis project for Adventure Works. The company provides you with a large dataset containing information about the marketing budget of the previous and current quarter. Your task is to create reports that show a detailed list of the quarterly budgets and display the budgets per category in a pie chart. Your objective is to enhance the color scheme, positioning, scale, and overall cohesiveness of the report.

  • Leave an empty space between the vertical and horizontal visuals to make the elements more readable.

  • Align visual elements vertically and horizontally.

  • Set the title text of tables and charts as Marketing Budget Detail and Marketing Budget Chart.

10. Which statement best describes the difference between chaotic and cohesive pages in report design?

  • Chaotic pages have a cluttered layout with inconsistent use of colors and fonts, while cohesive pages have a clean and organized layout with consistent design elements.

  • Chaotic pages have a symmetrical layout with a balanced use of colors and fonts, while cohesive pages have an asymmetrical layout with contrasting design elements.
  • Chaotic pages have a minimalist design with limited use of colors and fonts, while cohesive pages have a vibrant and eclectic design with various design elements.

Self-Review: Highlighting key information

In the exercise Highlighting key information, you put into practice your understanding of how to prioritize key information in Microsoft Power BI.

Your objective for this exercise was to complete the following tasks:

Apply formatting styles

Highlight key data with conditional formatting

Change the color of a single data point or all data points

Your final worksheet should look like this:

Now, you can use the following questions to make sure that you understood and executed the tasks correctly. Don’t forget that you can revisit the previous learning items to recap the process steps.

11. In conditional formatting of fields in Microsoft Power BI, which of these is a format style? Select all that apply.

  • Rules

  • Individual colors
  • Field value
  • Gradient

12. What is the correct path to change the colors of columns in a column chart in the current report?

  • Visualizations > Format Visual >General >Properties
  • Visualizations > Build Visual > Y-axis
  • Visualizations > Format Visual > Visual > Columns

13. True or False: Dragging and positioning with the mouse is the only way to change the size and position of visuals in a Microsoft Power BI report canvas?

  • True
  • False

14. What is the 2022 Sales value for the Components category in the table named Sales vs. Target by Category Details?

  • 1100
  • 1950
  • 2600

Knowledge Check: Considering the audience

15. Which feature is implemented to track and monitor data access, providing accountability and visibility into data usage?

  • Role-based access control
  • Access logs

  • Secure data transmission

16. Which term describes removing personally identifiable information or replacing it with pseudonyms?

  • Data integrity
  • Access control
  • Data anonymization

17. True or False: Data integrity is used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the visualized information by implementing data validation, error detection, and consistency checks.

  • True
  • False

18. Which design consideration can be used for older audiences?

  • Provide clear navigation.

  • Implement interactive features and complex navigation.
  • Incorporate vibrant colors and intricate visual elements.

1.9 Why is it essential to understand the target audience in data reporting and analysis in Microsoft Power BI?

  • It enables the customization of reports to meet the audience’s specific needs and preferences.

  • It helps increase the complexity of data visualization.
  • It ensures that the data is only accessible by the data analysts.

Module Quiz: Visualization and Design

20. What serves as a visual representation of the relationships between colors?

  • Color symbolism.
  • Color harmony.
  • The color wheel.

21. True or False: Warm colors like red and orange are associated with energy, passion, excitement, and attention or warning.

  • True
  • False

22. Complete the following sentence.

________ refers to the relative size and proportions of visual elements within a report.

  • Visualization
  • Scale
  • Positioning

23. Complete the following sentence.

________ pages suffer from a lack of structure, coherence, and intentionality.

  • Cohesive
  • Responsive
  • Chaotic

24. Complete the following sentence.

Consider ________ that may influence the audience's preferences and understanding. This includes language preferences, ethnic or social nuances, and accessibility considerations.

  • Cultural and demographic factors

  • Time constraints
  • Information needs

25. Complete the following sentence.

Incorporating ________, such as clickable buttons or draggable elements, can make the experience more interactive and enjoyable for young users.

  • colorful graphics
  • animations
  • interactive features

26. True or False: Microsoft Power BI allows for interactive exploration, where users can drill down into specific data points or filter the information based on their interests.

  • True

  • False

27. Microsoft Power BI allows for interactive exploration. Which features allow greater insight or detailed information about specific data points? Select all that apply.

  • Filter and slice
  • Drill through
  • Drill down

28. Which items would be considered sensitive data? Select all that apply.

  • Education data
  • Passport number

  • Favorite movie
  • E-Mail address

29. Complete the following sentence.

By implementing role-based access control, you protect sensitive information and reduce the risk of ________ data exposure.

  • prohibited
  • unauthenticated
  • unauthorized

30. What can be considered as a part of color symbolism?

  • Strategically using colors to communicate specific messages and elicit desired responses from your audience.
  • Considering cultural context when selecting colors for global designs

  • Pleasing arrangement of colors in a design.

31. Which colors best represent calmness and serenity in many cultures?

  • Yellow
  • Blue

  • Red

32. True or False: Scaling is the strategic placement of visual elements within a report to guide the viewer's attention and convey key information.

  • True
  • False

33. True or False: By utilizing consistent color palettes, strategic positioning of elements, and clear visual hierarchy, designers can create reports that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and convey a unified message.

  • True
  • False

34. Complete the following sentence.

There are often ________ that deviate significantly from the norm; which can provide valuable insights or indicate areas that require attention.

  • outliers
  • key information
  • headlines

35. True or False: Implementing data anonymization rules and performing regular audits help identify and rectify any anomalies or inconsistencies in the data, ensuring the visualizations reflect accurate and reliable insights.

  • True
  • False

36. What aspects can be considered in data integrity? Select all that apply.

  • Format data
  • Data validation
  • Consistency checks

37. Complete the following sentence. To draw the attention of the report viewers to a specific column, use the ________ feature.

  • Filters
  • Visualizations
  • Conditional Formatting

38. Where do you place important data points or key messages to emphasize them in a Microsoft Power BI report?

  • At the top or in the center of the report.
  • At the top or on the left side of the report.
  • At the bottom or in the center of the report.

39. Which approach is essential for guiding viewers through the report and highlighting key information?

  • A consistent color scheme.
  • A clear visual hierarchy

  • A consistent typography.

40. True or False: The first step in creating a successful report or presentation is identifying the target audience. Every audience has its unique characteristics, including its level of technical expertise, its roles and responsibilities within the organization, its demographic information, and other specific needs.

  • True
  • False

41. True or False: Younger users often require more sophisticated visualizations to analyze complex data. Consider using advanced charts, graphs, and interactive elements to provide deeper insights and facilitate data exploration.

  • True
  • False

42. Which techniques are used to capture the attention of your audience quickly and convey the main message effectively?

  • Providing details for closer inspection.
  • Highlighting outliers.
  • Focusing on headlines.

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