data visualization and dashboards with excel and cognos coursera week 3 quiz answers

Practice Quiz

1. Which URL do you navigate to, in order to sign up for a trial of Cognos Analytics?


2. In Cognos Analytics, which are the two main navigational areas of the interface?

  • Menu links and Help pages
  • Page links and icons
  • Left pane and top bar
  • Drop-down menu and the right pane

3. What happens first when you use the Cognos Assistant to help create a dashboard?

  • You can either ask a question directly or ask the Assistant to suggest some questions to ask.
  • It automatically creates a dashboard.
  • It suggests which visualizations to add to your dashboard.
  • It resizes and rearranges your visualizations on a dashboard.

4. What are the two ways to create calculations in Cognos Analytics? (Select two answers)

  • Search for calculations.
  • Select operators and functions from the left pane.
  • Ask the Cognos Assistant.
  • Start typing in the Expression box.

Graded Quiz

5. When signing up for a trial of Cognos Analytics, which item in the account form is the key one to take note of?

  • Your country /region
  • Your name
  • Your closest data center
  • Your address

6. In Cognos Analytics what is the first step to build a dashboard?

  • Select visualizations
  • Provide questions and answers to the assistant
  • Choose a template
  • Upload a spreadsheet or workbook

7. Which of the following methods can be used in Cognos Analytics to create visualizations? (Select all that apply)

  • By automatic recommended visualizations.
  • By using the Assistant to suggest questions and suggested visualizations.
  • By using widgets.
  • By manually populating by dragging and dropping.

8. How can you create infographics in Cognos Analytics?

  • Drag and drop a widget shape icon onto a visualization.
  • Modify navigation paths.
  • Ask the Assistant different questions.
  • Use Exclude to filter out some data.

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