advertising with meta coursera week 5 quiz answers

Advertising with Facebook Quiz

1. Which interface can be used to set up a Facebook ad campaign?

  • Facebook Insights
  • Mobile Studio Advertising
  • Facebook IQ ads
  • Creative Hub ads
  • Ads Manager

2. What are three primary uses of a Facebook business Page? (Choose all that apply)

  • Sell products for less cost
  • Connect with potential employees
  • Share videos
  • Connect with customers
  • Have an online storefront for the business

3. Which of the following statements are true about Instagram Stories Ads? (Select all that apply)

  • Stories on Instagram give you an immersive, full-screen vertical format to bring your business to life.
  • Stories have an intimate and personal feel that allows people to be more immersed and in the moment.
  • Instagram ads only appear in people’s stories for 24 hours.
  • Stories ads appear between Instagram posts in your feed.

4. What is a similarity between a boosted post and Facebook ad?

  • Both require budget to be shared with a wider audience
  • Both increase audience engagement
  • Both are designed to make people shop on your website
  • Both are created in Ads Manager
  • Both use advanced targeting capabilities

5. Which two types of posts can be boosted on Facebook? (Select all that apply)

  • Events organized by the business
  • Events posted on a personal account
  • Special offers
  • Location posts
  • Profile posts

6. What is the first step required to establish a business presence on Facebook?

  • Create an event
  • Create a post
  • Pay to set up your business account
  • Create a page
  • Create an ad

7. Which of these is an ad account permission granted to the analyst role?

  • Pause ad campaigns
  • Edit payment method
  • Manage admin permissions
  • Access reports
  • Create and edit ads

8. Which feature is available for an unpaid (organic) post on a Business Page?

  • Select an objective
  • Add a video
  • Assign a budget
  • Select a placement

9. When you begin a new campaign on Ads Manager, what is the first step in the process?

  • Create a Lookalike Audience based on website visitors
  • Select where ads will be seen through placements
  • Align your marketing goal with a campaign objective
  • Produce the right creative for the campaign

10. Which type of budget in Ads Manager lets you control how much money you spend on each ad set?

  • Campaign budget
  • Lifetime Budget
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Ad Set budget

11. What is the main difference between the Traffic and Conversions objectives?

  • The Traffic objective optimizes for actions, while the Conversions objective optimizes for clicks.
  • The Traffic objective uses a single-image ad and the Conversion objective uses the slide-show format.
  • The Traffic objective optimizes for views, while the Conversions objective optimizes for reach.
  • The Traffic objective optimizes for reach, while the Conversions objective optimizes for views.
  • The Traffic objective optimizes for clicks, while the Conversions objective optimizes for actions.

12. What action does a business want its customers to take if it selects Traffic as its campaign objective?

  • Make a purchase
  • Comment or react to the ad
  • Visit business website
  • Remember an ad
  • View a video

13. Where is the pixel installed?

  • Personal Facebook Page
  • Facebook business Page
  • Ads Manager
  • Business website
  • Business App

14. Which two ad placement platforms are available when you create an ad in Ads Manager? Choose two.

  • Audience Network
  • Audience Insights
  • Twitter
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Page

15. What is a valid reason that an ad would be rejected by Facebook?

  • The ad used a video ad that was originally created for television
  • The link to the landing pages included content that was relevant to the ad
  • An image within the ad focused on individual body parts
  • Lead ads were used to receive email, first name and phone number

16. Which two variables are available for A/B tests? (Choose all that apply)

  • Audience
  • Bid type
  • Objective
  • Placement
  • Bid Cap

17. An advertiser is about to deliver a Facebook campaign. Where should the advertiser navigate to in Ads Manager to include Instagram in the campaign?

  • Ad account level
  • Ad level
  • Campaign level
  • Ad set level

18. Which part of the Facebook total value ad auction equation tells you the numerical score Facebook assigns to an ad through the auction?

  • Total Value
  • Advertiser Bid
  • Estimated Action Rate
  • Ad Quality

19. A car dealership wants to receive contact information on Facebook from potential customers to increase test drives. Which ad objective is appropriate for this business?

  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness

20. A new ecommerce company wants more people to start conversations through Messenger or WhatsApp for customer service. Which campaign objective should be used to meet this business goal?

  • Messages
  • Reach
  • Click to chat
  • Engagement
  • Lead Generation

21. A business wants to acquire new customers and increase sales. Which strategy should the business select?

  • Reach more people through the Video Views objective and retarget them with lead ads
  • Create a campaign with the Lead Generation objective and contact its leads with relevant information
  • Create a campaign with the Conversions objective
  • CollecUse the reach objective to generate more traffic to the websitetion
  • Use the Engagement objective to interact with its audience

22. If a business wants to retarget customers who previously purchased an item from its website, what audience type should it use?

  • Custom Audience
  • Behaviors
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Page followers

23. Who do businesses try to reach with a lookalike audience?

  • People who have visited the website of the advertiser
  • People for whom the business has contact information
  • People who have indicated certain interests
  • People who have shown interest in the brand in the past
  • People who have a similar profile to an existing audience

24. A business wants to sell products online. What ad format clearly displays both a video and a product?

  • Collection
  • Stories
  • Video
  • Slideshow

25. What is an advantage of using the slideshow format when designing an ad for mobile?

  • It uses 3D animation
  • It always puts the brand first
  • It is the most interactive ad format
  • It works well in areas with limited connectivity

26. In order to access the ad scheduling feature in Ads Manager, which setting must you select?

  • Daily budget
  • Automatic placements
  • Lifetime budget
  • Accelerated delivery

27. A business wants to forecast the reach of their ad set. Which tool should an advertiser use to perform this task?

  • Attribution
  • Audience Insights
  • Analytics
  • Estimated daily results

28. You have created a campaign with multiple ad sets and individual ads. You want to know the amount spent on a specific ad set. Where can this be found?

  • The Ad Set tab within Ads Manager in the Budget column
  • The Campaigns tab within Ads Manager in the Amount Spent column
  • The Campaigns tab within Ads Manager in the Budget column
  • The Ad Set tab within Ads Manager in the Amount Spent column

29. Which KPI estimates how many people would remember seeing your ad if they were asked within two days?

  • Estimated Ad Recall Lift
  • Conversion Events
  • Post Engagements
  • Cost per Link Click

30. Which of the following are GDPR data protection obligations for companies who collect data? (Select all that apply)

  • Companies must designate people whose job it is to protect the data they receive
  • Companies are prohibited from collecting certain data categories (like ethnicity or sexual orientation)
  • Companies must document their advertising targeting criteria on their website
  • Companies must alert people within 72 hours if their personal data was leaked

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