measure and optimize social media marketing campaigns coursera week 3 quiz answers

Optimize within a Campaign with A/B Testing Practice Quiz

1. In which of the following scenarios would an A/B test be helpful? (Select all that apply)

  • If you want to know whether your advertising was effective at increasing sales
  • If you want to optimize the copy (the text) in your ad
  • If you would like to know which audience group your ad performs best in
  • If you have two different images you could use in your ads and you want to know which image would generate most results

2. The results of an A/B test on the Facebook platform include which of the following 2 elements?

  • The number of results from version A and version B of the ad and the portion of the budget that was spent on each ad
  • The winner of the test (version A or version B) and the confidence level for the test
  • The increase in brand awareness as a result of seeing your ad and the confidence level for the test
  • The incremental lift of your ad compared to the control group and the winner of the test

3. Which of the following is true when setting up an A/B test in Facebook?

  • Facebook duplicates your ads and changes several variables
  • The test group receives a treatment and the control group does not
  • There is no control group
  • There are two control groups

4. What does the confidence level of an A/B test tell you?

  • It tells you what the chance is of getting the same winner if you ran this test again. 
  • It tells you how confident you can be that people were randomly assigned to the A and the B group
  • It tells you how confident you can be that your advertising was effective.
  • It tells you how likely it is that you can further improve your ad.

Optimize Your Ad Campaigns Quiz

5. Imagine you work in the marketing department of a large clothing retailer. You want to run a marketing mix modeling study. Which of the following statements regarding the benefits of conducting this study are true? (Select all that apply)

  • It can predict what will work in the future for your company.
  • It can help you analyze last year’s data to understand what worked.
  • Is solely used to determine on which platform your advertisement performed best.
  • It can help plan how to best spend your money next year to improve results.

6. True or false? When you are only testing two variations of one variable, you use an A/B test to determine which version will produce the best results.

  • True
  • False

7. Which of the following is correct about a time decay attribution model?

  • It gives all the credit for a conversion to the last ad a user clicked on before converting.
  • It gives credit to touchpoints (clicks or impressions) based on how recently they happened.
  • It gives credit to the last ad a user saw or clicked on before converting.
  • It evenly spreads the credit for a conversion across all the ads a consumer clicked on before finally converting.

8. True or false? Attribution is mostly used to evaluate the impact of online media channels on a purchase.

  • True
  • False

9. Why may advertisers want to use attribution modeling studies?

  • Attribution studies help to test different variable of an ad and understand which variables work best and drive the best results
  • Attribution modeling can help advertisers understand the effect of their ads on ad recall
  • Attribution modeling can help advertisers understand how much influence their ads on different platforms had on their result
  • Attribution modeling helps advertisers adjust their bid for the Facebook auction

10. True or false? When we want to track advertising effectiveness across the whole customer journey, we do not need to be able to monitor behavior on the different platforms.

  • False
  • True

11. True or false? A/B tests help you optimize using a test and control group, whereas attribution modeling studies don’t.

  • False
  • True

12. Which of the following describes some of the most common challenges we face when measuring advertising effectiveness?

  • TheIt is hard to connect data from people who log in to Facebook on both their mobile device and on the web
  • It’s not always easy to connect data from different platforms and devices. Also, connecting all the advertising touchpoints to one individual user can be challenging
  • It can be challenging to randomly assign people to a control or an experimental group
  • It is often challenging to create a test with enough power or a high enough confidence interval

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