assets threats and vulnerabilities coursera weekly challenge 1 answers

Test your knowledge: Introduction to assets

1. What is a risk?

  • Any circumstance or event that can negatively impact assets
  • Anything that can impact the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an asset
  • The practice of labeling assets based on sensitivity and importance to an organization
  • A weakness that can be exploited by a threat

2. A security professional discovers a rogue access point on their company WiFi that is not managed by the networking team. The rogue device is altering and deleting sensitive records without authorization. What does this scenario describe?

  • Threat
  • Vulnerability
  • Risk
  • Asset

3. A product team is storing customer survey data for a new project in a cloud drive. The data is only accessible to product team members while the project is in development. What is this data’s asset type?

  • Public
  • Customer data
  • Internal demo
  • Confidential

4. What is the practice of labeling assets based on sensitivity and importance to an organization?

  • Asset inventory
  • Asset classification
  • Asset management
  • Asset restriction

Test your knowledge: Digital and physical assets

5. What is the practice of keeping data in all states away from unauthorized users?

  • Network
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information security
  • Asset

6. An employee is promoted to a new role, so their workstation is transferred to a different office. As the employee’s workstation is being relocated, what data state are its files in?

  • At rest
  • In transit
  • In use
  • In storage

7. What is an example of data in transit?

  • A sent email is traveling over the network to reach its destination.
  • A spreadsheet file is saved on an employee’s hard drive.
  • A manager is editing a report on their computer.
  • A user logs in to their online account to review their messages.

8. Fill in the blank: Data is in use when it is being _____ by one or more users.

  • accessed
  • ignored
  • transported
  • classified

Shuffle Q/A 1

Test your knowledge: Risk and asset security

9. What types of risks do security plans address? Select three answers.

  • Disclosure of data
  • Shift of market conditions
  • Loss of information
  • Damage to assets

10. What are the basic elements of a security plan? Select three answers.

  • Standards
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Regulations

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