data visualization with r coursera week 4 quiz answers

Final Exam

1. Which chart type shows the inner subdivision of a value among different categories or groups?

  • Comparison charts
  • Relationship charts
  • Part to whole charts
  • Correlation charts

2. Which chart is a type of trend chart?

  • Line Plot
  • Bar Charts
  • Scatter plot
  • Pie Chart

3. Which data visualization displays information about the distribution of a population?

  • Histogram
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Line Plot

4. Which two methods can be used to create scatter plots?

  • qplot(), ggplot2()
  • ggplot(), dplot()
  • qplot(), dplot()
  • qplot(), ggplot()

5. Which statement is true regarding box plots?

  • It obscures the outliers in the data set.
  • It divides the data set into quartiles.
  • It displays categorical data.
  • It displays the mean of the data set.

6. Which package can you use for extra themes and color scales for ggplot2?

  • ggplot
  • ggthemes
  • tidymodels
  • tidyverse

7. Which function should you use if you want to add markers to display a specific location on a map that you draw?

  • addMarkers()
  • addCircles()
  • addProviderTiles()
  • addTiles()

8. Which of the following is a true statement with regards to functions found in the Shiny library?

  • fluidRow() creates a fluid page layout, which consists of rows that in turn include columns.
  • The sidebartLayout() function scales components in real time to fill the entire browser width.
  • splitLayout() function lays out elements vertically, dividing the available vertical space into equal parts.
  • flowLayout() arranges elements in a layout with a side bar and main area.

9. Which function adds a title to a fluidPage layout?

  • addTitle()
  • titlePanel()
  • tittleLayout()
  • fluidTitle()

10. Which function is used to add a shiny server component?

  • plotOutput()
  • tabsetPanel()
  • renderPlot()
  • tabPanel()


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