deploy and maintain assets power bi assets and capstone project coursera week 1 answers

Knowledge check: Data in enterprise

1. What is the main benefit of well-implemented reporting for a business like Adventure Works?

  • Ensuring data accuracy and reliability.
  • Enhancing customer relations.
  • Extracting actionable insights from data.

2. Which steps are part of the data cleansing and transformation process? Select all that apply.

  • Aggregating and calculating data.
  • Standardizing data.
  • Visualizing data.
  • Combining data from different sources.

3. In data-driven enterprises, what is the main function of Power BI Service?

  • It primarily focuses on data storage and backup.
  • It serves as a platform for data source integration.
  • It allows for real-time collaboration and sharing.

4. How can a data analyst contribute to inventory optimization in a retail business?

  • By conducting customer surveys to gather feedback.
  • By creating visualizations to track website traffic patterns.
  • By analyzing historical sales data and market trends.

5. True or False: Data analysts can offer a great deal of value when safeguarding against fraudulent activities by analyzing patterns with the data.

  • True

  • False

Knowledge check: SQL data sources

6. Which of the following SQL commands retrieves data from a database table?


7. Which elements are typically required when connecting Power BI to an SQL database? Select all that apply.

  • Password
  • Server name
  • SQL Query
  • Username

8. True or False: In SQL, structured data refers to information that is organized in tables with predefined data types for each column, making it easy to query and analyze.

  • True
  • False

9. What distinguishes Import mode from DirectQuery mode when connecting Power BI to a SQL database?

  • In Import mode, Power BI loads the data into its in-memory storage, while in DirectQuery mode, it queries the data source directly.

  • In Import mode, Power BI only previews the data, while in DirectQuery mode, it loads the entire dataset.
  • DirectQuery mode requires manual refreshing, while Import mode updates the data in real-time.

10. Which of the following definitions best describes a dynamic report in Power BI?

  • A report that alters the imported data based on user selection.

  • A report that updates its data in real time.
  • A report that sends email alerts based on a parameter.

Module quiz: Power BI in enterprise

11. What is the purpose of a Power BI Workspace?

  • It is used to install Power BI Desktop on your computer.
  • It is used to create reports and visualizations.
  • It is a space for collaborating on reports and dashboards.

12. What actions can Adventure Works take to ensure it works with its most current data? Select all that apply:

  • Enable scheduled refresh in Power BI Service.
  • Refresh the dataset on Power BI Desktop.
  • Upload the report in Power BI Service.
  • Select Import connectivity mode.

13. You have a dataset that includes sales and cost data. To create a meaningful metric, you must calculate the profit margin by subtracting the cost from sales and dividing the result by sales. At which stage of the data flow process must this action occur?

  • When generating reports.
  • When cleansing data.
  • When transforming data.

14. The marketing manager of Adventure Works wants to segment the business’ products into separate segments based on their sales performance. You must group and analyze the products into separate report pages. At what stage of the data flow process does this action occur?

  • During the data transformation stage.
  • During the data cleansing stage.
  • During the reporting stage.

15. Which Power BI Service feature facilitates seamless collaboration between geographically dispersed teams?

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Cloud Access

  • Cloud Scalability

16. The Adventure Works sales team wants to implement promotional bundles to increase sales. The team needs to identify suitable product combinations for the promotion. What kind of analysis could you perform to help them?

  • Inventory optimization analysis.
  • Market basket analysis.

  • Customer segmentation analysis.

17. True or False: A disadvantage of using SQL databases for data storage is that they do not simultaneously offer access to multiple users or applications.

  • True
  • False

18. You are creating a presentation on Import and DirectQuery connection modes for Adventure Works. Which of the following statements must you include in your presentation? Select all that apply:

  • Import mode may not reflect real-time updates.

  • Import mode connects Power BI directly to the source database.
  • DirectQuery mode can potentially lead to slower performance.

  • DirectQuery mode loads data directly into Power BI for fast visualizations.

19. Your colleague asks you what the term "parameters" means in Power BI. How should you define this term for them?

  • Parameters are dynamic variables that influence the data displayed in the report, providing options for customization.

  • Parameters are fixed values that do not change the data displayed in the report.
  • Parameters are dynamic data sources that data analysts can switch between in real time.

20. How do What-if parameters enhance scenario-based analysis in reports?

  • They allow users to create multiple versions of the same report for different hypothetical scenarios.
  • They enable users to explore hypothetical scenarios without complex calculations or report duplication.

  • They provide advanced, complex statistical calculations for hypothetical scenario-based analysis.

21. True or False: It’s possible to share reports in Power BI Service.

  • True

  • False

22. True or False: You can schedule an automatic data refresh in Power BI Service to keep the report current.

  • True

  • False

23. Adventure Works sales datasets contains data from multiple regions, each stored in a separate Excel file. The company must import these files to access the data. At which stage of the data flow process does this action occur?

  • During the reporting stage.
  • During the data connection stage.

  • During the data cleansing stage.

24. Which feature of Power BI Service reduces the risk of data loss due to unforeseen events like hardware failures?

  • Cloud Scalability
  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Real-Time Collaboration

25. Adventure Works wants to tailor marketing messages and promotions to a specific group of customers who are more likely to purchase outdoor cycling gear. How can you help Adventure Works to reach this group of customers?

  • By conducting inventory optimization and customer segmentation.
  • By conducting customer segmentation and recommending targeted marketing

  • By performing market basket analysis and recommended targeted marketing.

26. You must create a presentation for Adventure Works management demonstrating the benefits of using SQL queries for data analysis. Which of the following benefits could you showcase as part of your presentation?

  • Efficiently returning specific subsets of data.

  • Assigning unique numbers to rows in a table.
  • Storing data using normalization.

27. How do parameters contribute to creating multi-value dynamic reports in Power BI?

  • Parameters enable users to modify dataset values.
  • Parameters support both integer and decimal numerical values for customization.
  • Parameters allow users to input multiple values to customize data views.

28. Which of the following scenarios best illustrates the use of multi-value dynamic reports?

  • An analyst using parameters to analyze monthly sales data for multiple regions simultaneously in a single report.

  • An analyst using parameters to restrict report views to a single product category within a single report.
  • An analyst using parameters to create multiple reports simultaneously.

29. True or False: Data analysts can help to implement fraud detection and prevention procedures.

  • True

  • False

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