social media management coursera week 4 quiz answers

Evaluate Data for Your Posts Practice Quiz

1. On Facebook, marketing goals typically fall into three categories. Which of the following is NOT one of these categories?

  • Page Views
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Generating Awareness

2. True or False: On the Overview summary page, Facebook allows you to check insights for individual posts.

  • True
  • False

3. Three conversion metrics that are important to track include which of the following? (Select all that apply)

  • Website visits from social media
  • Number of clicks on your posts or links inside your posts
  • Sales resulting from social media
  • Number of leads resulting from social media

4. From the dashboard on the left navigation in Facebook Insights, you can explore which of the following?

  • An overview of the number of your followers
  • Your Total Page Likes
  • Total Reach
  • All the above

Evaluate Your Efforts Quiz

5. Take a look at Imra’s blog post promotions. Which post created the most readership on the website, and why might this have created the most traffic?

  • The personal story post created a lot of traffic because it was posted at 11am
  • The personal story post created a lot of traffic because the personal story created more of a personal connection
  • The seasonal flowers post had the most engagement because seasonal flowers are the most popular item option for customers
  • The best wedding flowers post created the most engagement because consumers like lists

6. Imra has started posting about the bouquet creations she makes for her clients, in order to showcase the flowers and her skills, which will hopefully draw more people to order something they haven’t seen before. During what time of day are the bouquet creations posts most successful?

  • It does not matter what time they are posted
  • Bouquet creations posting in the evening
  • Bouquet creations posts that appear later in the week
  • Bouquet creations posting in the morning

7. Imra has started a Flower of the Week post, to help educate her followers about the different types of flowers out in the world. However, these posts are seeing very low engagement. What could be a reasonable cause of the low engagement?

  • She is posting too late in the day
  • Her audience does not like flowers
  • She is using the wrong platform
  • She is not using any visuals

8. Imra noticed a jump in new followers on Instagram on May 28. What could be a reasonable cause of that?

  • The Graduation Bouquets image received many click-throughs
  • The “Bouquet Creations” Post was shared many times
  • The “How to: Tend Summer Garden” story received many likes
  • The “How to: Tend Summer Garden” story was shared many times

9. Calla & Ivy is going to be hosting some summer classes on floral arrangement, and Imra has posted twice about it, once on May 20 and once on May 27. What could be the reason why the second post led to more sign-ups?

  • It was posted at a different time of day
  • It was posted on a different platform
  • It had a video
  • There was more information in the post

10. Imra started posting “How to” Instagram stories for various topics and noticed that her followers were very interested in these, based on the number of shares and impressions. She is planning her next “How to” Instagram story videos for the following month, and wants to use her insights to determine which topics her followers would most be interested in. Which topic should she choose?

  • Color schemes for bouquets
  • Home Gardening
  • Maintaining flowers
  • Caring for house plants

11. What is the importance of including a mention (@) of the account or publication where Imra found the articles to her posts?

  • Twitter can’t track metrics unless there’s an @ in the post.
  • It gives credibility to the post.
  • It alerts the original poster that something they created has been shared, so that they and their audience become aware of and can engage with Calla & Ivy.
  • It’s not a concern — no need for mentions in any shared content on social media.

12. Imra makes a note of the important holidays throughout the month of May which might prompt her customers to make a purchase of her flowers. For each holiday, she has planned a post with a link to her website and a purchase page. Based on the data, we can see that the Mother’s Day post received the most engagement, including the most click-throughs to the purchase page. In addition to Mother’s Day being a more popular holiday for buying flowers, what is another possible cause for the higher engagement of this post?

  • The Mother’s Day post included an image
  • A reminder of the holiday was posted a few days prior to the post
  • It was posted to Facebook
  • It was posted in the morning

13. Considering that Calla & Ivy’s audience is on Instagram during the early- to mid-afternoon, how is Imra doing on her posting schedule?

  • Not good. Imra needs to adjust her posting time.
  • Great! All posts are within that time.
  • The time you post something on social media doesn’t matter.
  • Pretty good! Most posts are between that time, but Calla & Ivy is still seeing good engagement from posts outside of the time frame.

14. Which platform has the lowest engagement for Calla & Ivy, and could use more strategy for improvement?

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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