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1. You can combine Quaternions together through which arithmetical operation?

  • addition
  • division
  • multiplication
  • subtraction

2. Which standard light type is bake only?

  • Area
  • Point
  • Spot
  • Directional

3. What is the LateUpdate function especially useful for?

  • updating cameras that track moving targets
  • applying physical forces to rigidbodies
  • counter-animating overstepped objects
  • performing complex arithmetical operations

4. When is the Reset method of MonoBehaviour invoked automatically?

  • when a game object moves from one scene into another
  • when a scene begins or is restarted
  • when the scene begins or restarts for a deactivated game object
  • when adding a component to an object or resetting its values in Edit

5. Which C# attribute allows a class and its methods to run inside the editor during Edit mode?

  • [RunInEditor]
  • [Range (0,10) ]
  • [ExecuteAlways]
  • [Livel

6. What can you use to improve the searchability of your project's assets?

  • instance IDs
  • tags
  • layers
  • labels

7. Which texture format is generally avoided in Unity?

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • TGA
  • PSD

8. Which C# code fragment continuously updates an object's yaw (Y rotation)?

  • transform.SetParent (null) ;
  • transform.localRotation *= Quaternion.Euler(Of, RotSpeed * Time.deltaTime, Of) ;
  • transform.Rotate (Vector3.right, RotSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
  • transform.RotateAround (Vector3.up, RotSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

9. The Y keyboard shortcut activates which in-editor tool?

  • Hide
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Transform

10. Sprite atlas assets, large textures containing many smaller sprites, can be optimized by batching together what?

  • sprites of the same dimensions
  • sprites that are nonanimated
  • sprites using the same color palette
  • sprites that appear together in game

11. You can programmatically control audio effects, like Pitch and Reverb, from C# scripts using which feature of an Audio Mixer asset?

  • Audio Mixer groups
  • audio attenuation
  • exposed parameters
  • ParamEQ

12. Timeline sequences can initiate code during an animation using which feature?

  • markers
  • packets
  • EventSystem
  • signals

13. Which statement best describes the function Quaternion.Euler?

  • It converts a Quaternion into a Vector3 in which X. Y. and Z are measured in degrees.
  • It prints a Quaternion to a string that shows its X, Y, and Z rotation in degrees.
  • It converts a 3D orientation that is measured in degrees into a Quaternion.
  • It converts a 3D orientation from Radians to a Quaternion.

14. Orthographic cameras remove which visual effect?

  • bloom
  • foreshortening
  • depth of field
  • gamma color space

15. Unity scenes may be saved entirely in the YAML format. Why might you do this?

  • to optimize scene loading and unloading
  • to improve platform compatibility
  • to externally parse a scene and its objects
  • to reduce scene file size

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