tools for data science coursera week 5 quiz answers

Practice Quiz - RStudio

1. Where can you type R commands in RStudio?

  • Code editor
  • Files
  • History
  • Console

2. Which R library will you use for data visualizations such as histograms, bar charts, and scatterplots? Select all that apply.

  • ggplot
  • Lattice
  • Leaflet
  • Plotly

3. Which is the command used to install packages in R?

  • install.packages()
  • installpackages()
  • library(packages)

Practice Quiz - GitHub

4. Which term describes the folders set up for version control?

  • SSH protocol
  • Pull request
  • Repository
  • Fork

5. Which tab in your Repository enables a review of changes made before being merged into the main branch?

  • Issues
  • Projects
  • Pull requests
  • Code

6. Which command is used to clone an existing repository?

  • git init
  • git reset
  • git add
  • git status

Graded Quiz - RStudio & GitHub

7. Which of the following is True about R language ?

  • R supports importing of data from different sources like flat files, databases
  • R is used for statistical inference and does not support visualization
  • R functions require lots of coding compared to other Data science tools
  • R requires installation of additional libraries to handle data analysis

8. Which R library is used for machine learning?

  • dplyr
  • ggplot
  • caret
  • stringr

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. Which function in ggplot adds a title to the plot?

  • library
  • ggplot
  • geom point
  • ggtitle

10. Which function is used to specify appropriate names for both axes in a plot?

  • ggplot
  • library
  • geom point
  • xlab and ylab

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