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imovie linkedin assessment answers

1. Which option lets you emphasize or deemphasize selected audio frequencies within a clip?

  • volume controls
  • Reduce background noise
  • ducking
  • equalizer

2. You're sharing a video to YouTube. You want to prevent the video from appearing in search, but you want anyone with the URL to be able to watch the video. Which privacy method should you choose?

  • Private
  • Unlisted
  • Unpublished
  • Public

3. Which option lets you make a voice sound sped up, but still keeps audio and video in sync?

  • Pitch Up
  • Auto Tune
  • Cosmic
  • Pitch Down

4. How can you access additional title templates?

  • Import new title templates from iMovie HD.
  • Download additional title templates.
  • Create your own title template.
  • Choose a theme.

5. You're trying to share a movie via email, but the 4K resolution is grayed out. What is the most likelv cause?

  • The original project is less than 4K resolution.
  • You must choose YouTube for 4K sharing
  • The file is too big to attach to emall.
  • iMovie does not support 4K movies.

6. Normally when you drag the playhead over clips, you hear audio. How can you disable this audio playback?

  • Click View > Audio Scrubbing.
  • Click Edit > Audio Skimming.
  • Click Modifv > Audio Scrubbing.
  • Click View > Audio Skimming

7. In the image below, the mouse arrow is positioned over a filmstrip icon in the timeline. What happens when you release the mouse button?

  • The clip replaces the one in the timeline.
  • The clip is added to the timeline.
  • The clip is removed from the timeline.
  • A new menu opens, asking you what action you want to take.

8. When you automatically enhance audio, what change is made to a clip?

  • The background noise is removed.
  • The EO values are enhanced.
  • The content is analyzed and an enhance filter is applied.
  • The average volume of the audio in the selection is boosted.

9. What happens if you drag a new title template onto an existing one in a project?

  • The title updates with the new look.
  • The old title is erased and a new generic title is added.
  • The second title is placed above the original.
  • The new title pushes the old title later in the timeline.

10. Which color in the audio waveform indicates clipped audio?

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • white

11. What does a red bar in the multislider controls indicate?

  • The sharpening for a clip is overdone.
  • The audio on a clip is too loud and needs to be adjusted before output.
  • The lightest or darkest areas have been adjusted too aggressively, which may lead to clipped details.
  • The saturation for a clip is too intense and should be dialed back or balanced before exporting.

12. How do you set the frame rate for a project in Movie?

  • It is determined by the first clip you add to the timeline.
  • Click iMovie > Preferences.
  • The frame rate is determined by the last clip you add to the timeline.
  • Click the gear icon (Settings).

13. Where can you click to adjust the display to show more clips in the browser?

  • A
  • B
  • D
  • C

14. How can you access additional transitions for iMovie?

  • Choose a different theme.
  • Nothing-you can use only the default transitions.
  • Download new free transitions from Apple.
  • Purchase more transitions from the Mac App Store.

15. Your clip sounds gurgled, as if the speaker is underwater. How can you fix the issue?

  • Decrease the amount of background noise reduction.
  • Change the equalizer.
  • Click the Auto button in the volume controls
  • Increase the amount of background noise reduction.

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