21. Fill in the blank: The _____ section of your resume should list capabilities that are related to the position you are applying to.

  • technical programming
  • summary statement
  • skills
  • professional references

22. Fill in the blank: In the experience section of your resume, you should list your _____.

  • contact information
  • professional references
  • work history
  • Linux programming skills

23. You are currently working on completing a certificate program and will complete the program soon. How should you indicate that in the certification/education section of your resume?

  • ”Completed”
  • “Partially fulfilled”
  • “In progress”
  • “Incomplete”

24. What are effective ways to prepare for your job interview? Select three answers.

  • Practice speaking about the experiences and skills that the employer is looking for
  • Review the job description
  • Review your notes on the NIST Framework to refresh your memory
  • Research the company’s former Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

25. Why is building rapport important in the job interview process? Select two answers.

  • It can distract the interviewer
  • It can reduce your chances of getting hired
  • It can help ease nervousness during the interview
  • It can help enhance the communication between you and the interviewer

26. A potential candidate is interviewing for a security analyst role. The candidate says the following when responding to a scenario-based question: “It was up to me to manage the product sales for the next two months while the department manager was away from the company.” Which part of the STAR method does this response demonstrate?

  • Task
  • Situation
  • Result
  • Action

27. Fill in the blank: After the name and summary section, the next part of your resume is the _____.

  • cybersecurity experience section
  • responsibilities section
  • professional references section
  • skills section

28. Fill in the blank: Under the education/certification section of your resume, you should list any subjects you studied related to _______.

  • social engineering
  • Python
  • the job you are applying for
  • previous work experiences

Shuffle Q/A 3

29. Before finalizing your resume, which of the following best practices should you follow? Select two answers.

  • Ensure your resume is a maximum of 2 pages long
  • Ensure your resume is a minimum of 3 pages long
  • Check that your resume uses at least 2 font colors
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors

30. Which steps are essential when preparing for a video interview? Select two answers.

  • Test your video and audio settings
  • Build a rapport with the interviewer
  • Write a cover letter
  • Find a quiet location in your home

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