11. What spreadsheet software is preferred when multiple users need to collaborate?

  • R-Studio
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Tableau

Graded Quiz

12. "A presentation is not a data dump”. What is the one thing you would do to ensure your presentation is not a data dump?

  • Not use visuals in the presentation
  • Deliver the findings in a single slide
  • Include only that information as is needed to address the business problem
  • Not include facts and figures in the presentation

13. What is the discipline of communicating information through the use of visual elements?

  • Data regression
  • Data type conversion
  • Data visualization
  • Data profiling 

14. Matplotlib is a widely used Python data visualization library.

  • True
  • False

15. What is the goal of Data Visualization?

  • Make the presentation look attractive
  • Establish trust in the audience
  • Make information easy to comprehend, interpret, and retain
  • Make collaboration easy

16. What can you do to help your audience trust you?

  • Share your data sources, hypotheses, and validations
  • Share the detailed documentation of every aspect of your project so they can verify all details
  • Make your presentation look good
  • Hand them copies of the data sets you have used for analysis

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