11. Which of the following data sets is considered open data?

  • Government data
  • Pricing data
  • Customer data
  • Commercially sensitive

12. Which license stipulates that the modified version of the data should be published under the same license terms as the original data ?

  • CDLA-Permissive
  • CDLA-Dataset
  • CDLA-Sharing
  • CDLA-License

13. Which tab on the IBM developer web page enables you to open the Data Asset eXchange page?

  • Topics
  • Community
  • Open Source at IBM
  • Products & Services

14. Which tab in the Data Asset eXchange project page enables you to view all the Jupyter Notebooks?

  • Manage
  • Assets
  • Overview
  • Jobs

15. Which machine learning model is used to solve regression and classification problems?

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Model training
  • Reinforcement Learning

16. On the MAX object detector page, which online tool is used by developers to edit front-end languages?

  • CodePen
  • Node-Red Flow
  • Serverless app
  • Extract Prediction

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