11. Fill in the blank: Visual communications to stakeholders can be used to convey key details in the form of ____.

  • text messages and charts
  • text-filled documents and graphs
  • logs and alerts
  • graphs and charts

12. Why is it important for analysts to use visuals to tell a security story?

  • Visuals can help an analyst communicate impactful metrics and data.
  • Visuals can help an analyst identify which details are most important for different stakeholders.
  • Visuals can help an analyst prioritize which incidents need to be escalated with more or less urgency.
  • Visuals can help an analyst determine which tool to use to solve a security challenge.

13. Fill in the blank: For security purposes, it is important to communicate sensitive information with _____.

  • supervision
  • care
  • graphs and charts
  • a low level of urgency

14. Stakeholders have many responsibilities, so they might miss an email or fail to respond promptly. If an analyst needs to reach a stakeholder right away, what might be a better option for stakeholder communication?

  • A follow-up investigation
  • A phone call
  • An email to the CISO
  • A follow-up email to the stakeholder’s supervisor

15. Which of the following are stakeholders interested in having knowledge of? Select two answers.

  • The online reviews for their organization
  • Social media reviews for their competitor’s organization
  • The decisions of their organization’s leadership
  • The activities of their organization

16. Which security stakeholder helps recognize risks and manage the response to security incidents?

  • Risk manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Operations manager
  • Chief Financial Security Officer (CFO)

17. Handling the daily maintenance of security operations is the general responsibility for which security stakeholder?

  • Operations manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Financial Security Officer (CFO)
  • Entry-level security analyst

18. An analyst sends an email to stakeholders about a recent security breach. While writing the email, the analyst is mindful about what they say and which stakeholders they communicate the information to. Why does the analyst take this approach?

  • Information that is communicated to stakeholders is sensitive.
  • Information can be sent to stakeholders instead of managers.
  • Information about a security breach might improve the company’s reputation.
  • Information sent via email can be considered public knowledge.

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Fill in the blank: Communications with stakeholders should always be precise, avoid unnecessary technical terms, and _____.

  • include numerous security questions
  • tell an elaborate story to ensure your point is made
  • have various purposes to maximize time
  • have a clear purpose

20. Graphs and charts can be used to create which form of stakeholder report?

  • Text-filled documents
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Visual communications

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