21. Fill in the blank: In the field of security, it is important to communicate _____ with care.

  • sensitive information
  • publicly available information
  • nonsensitive information
  • time off requests

22. What is the best way to follow-up with a stakeholder who has not immediately responded to your email? Select two answers.

  • File a complaint with human resources
  • Call them on the phone
  • Report the issue to your supervisor
  • Send them an instant message

23. Which of the following statements best describes the information that is communicated to stakeholders?

  • It is sensitive.
  • It is proprietary.
  • It is shareable to the entire organization.
  • It is publicly available.

24. Which of the following options is the best way to handle the detection of malicious code in logs?

  • Handle the incident using your Linux knowledge
  • Report the incident directly to the CISO
  • Communicate the incident to a security stakeholder
  • Wait until a more experienced team member notices it

25. Fill in the blank: Creating ____ communications allows a security stakeholder to view representations of what is being explained using graphs and charts.

  • audio
  • visual
  • complex
  • simple

26. You have recently been hired as a security analyst for an organization. You’ve been asked by a security stakeholder to provide information on how often the employees from various departments are clicking on simulated phishing emails. What action can you take to best communicate this information?

  • Use visuals, such as charts and graphs, to tell the security story
  • Send an email that explains the necessary information
  • Call the stakeholder and directly update them
  • Ask your supervisor to report your findings because you are new

27. Fill in the blank: If a stakeholder fails to respond to an important message you sent them right away, the best approach to reach them is to follow-up with _____.

  • an email to the CISO
  • a phone call or an instant message
  • an email to your immediate supervisor
  • a text message to the stakeholder’s manager

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